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written by hateborne | 57 Views | 1 Reply

With new instances or reboot of any zones (excluding hub zones: qrg, nexus, stonehive, fg/cg/crg, etc), "/say fireworks" for a colorful, spammy display. For hilarious lag bombs, "/bcca //say fireworks".

Happy 4th to our North American or Americans abroad! Shoot off an extra one for Hunter! ::kneel::

-Love & Hate
written by hateborne | 138 Views | 4 Replies
T10 Beta Weekend LIVE NOW!

That's right, it's finally that time. It's in a beta weekend, with most of it intact. Bosses are disabled, progression gear/weapons/essence/quest-items disabled, and quests disabled....but spells, tons of plat, SLS, and other goodies are still available for those willing to brave it.

There are pieces and places where things WILL stop or break, which is totally fine. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF SPAGHETTI PLEASE RECORD THEM IN THIS THREAD! Additionally, all thoughts/comments/complaints/concerns outside of this thread will be ignored.

Lastly, new spell file and new zone character file available. You *MUST* download the sunderock_chr.txt file and replace the current one of the zone will NOT load correctly.

written by hateborne | 158 Views | 7 Replies
Orcs Attack Kelethin!

That's right. First vampires, now orcs. What next, locusts?!

The orcs managed to cut a bloody swathe through the citizens of Kelethin. Brave adventurers appeared in aid of the citizens of Kelethin, but they were outnumbered and overpowered. Slowly and surely, the orcs were picked off but not before making off with the mysterious Kelethin badge of office. The orcs have brought this 'badge' back with them to Sunderock Springs, in preparation for the oncoming siege. Below is a small gallery from a foolish adventurer, before looting a chest of platinum, bragging about it, and being promptly murdered.


written by Akkadius | 2453 Views | 94 Replies
Greetings everyone!

It's been a while since we've done a code update so I've issued a needed update.

As usual, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, please report any issues on the forums here; this thread will do just fine as well.

There's been so many odds and ends added and adjusted over the past several months I couldn't cover them all and they aren't necessarily in the changelog, but we needed quite a few updates for T10 that is on its way as well as many others.

I've posted the changelog below in this thread in a separate post as it is quite long.

7/1/2015 Source Updates
  • Fixed run-speed issues, thanks to Haynar
  • Added a "Health Marquee" display for players to get accurate server health percentage, this is server wide right now and I may add the ability to toggle it in the future, for now its enabled on everyone. Example of this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUVdbPxLIn0
  • Fixed a zone crash (Thanks Watchyoudie) that was reported, it had to do with Instance code and Guild messages that were being sent out overflowing the message buffer. So in the case where the character name was long, or the zone name was long and you created a Guild instance, this issue would occur.
  • Any outstanding issues, please continue to report in this thread

4th Weekend

written by hateborne | 783 Views | 12 Replies
Dual Wielding 2h and 1h Abuse Notification

Suspended a player and his army for seven days for dual wielding a UW Zweihander and an offhand weapon. I'll be writing up a small addition to the player scripts to watch for this. It will log ANY such activity. If your name appears on the log, expect a seven day "vacation".

written by hateborne | 979 Views | 17 Replies

That's right. Some of those pesky vampires broke free of T10 and caused quite a mess of things. A few strong willed players managed to muscle their way through a few of them, but were simply overwhelmed until Stone Sergeant Grognir, Arch Warden Tessenar, and Arcanist Victus arrived to put the hurt on the vampires. Several people walked out with MANY more Superior Lightstones, some essences, varying amounts of plat bags/chests, and/or lots of T10 consumables.

If you have thoughts/opinions on this evening's events, please post them in this thread!

Coming with reboot, the necromancer "Death" line will additionally debuff the healing received by the target by 5% per rank. This effect will not stack and only the highest one will apply (though it should still be possible to dump all ranks of Death on a target for DoT madness). The healing debuff will NOT be spread by Epidemic though.


EDIT: I'll post fully up-to-date spell file tomorrow, once I test the changes. :-D
written by hateborne | 871 Views | 16 Replies
Warping Botter Banhammered!

I believe in given everyone a single chance for redemption, whether it be not knowing the rules or thinking one can "sneak past". I crucified this person earlier by a week long suspension and WRECKING their essence/cash pools. That wasn't enough. Caught him/her doing it again and banned their entire entourage.

Previous Link: http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=4685.0

Proof that I will follow through on people that are given one chance and abuse it.

written by hateborne | 585 Views | 11 Replies
Gemstones/Crystals Added to CT/QVIC, Increased Chance in T9!

That's right. Based off of a Suggestions1 thread, they were added to CT/QVIC. Off of many players suggestions previously, the drop rate in T9 is 30-35% better than it was before. Cheesy


1 - http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=4702
written by hateborne | 600 Views | 6 Replies
T10 Moar Updatez!

New spell file is available! (5-20-15)

Alright, as it was very correctly pointed out, I have not posted on the T10 Update Thread1 in a while (even though I've been working on it). So here are some hints/teasers/updates:

  • The zone is, in fact, Sunderock Springs.
  • Due to the sheer size of the zone, in-zone transportation will be available.
  • There will be numerous zone-involved bosses that will tamper with the zone as a whole. They will be critical in obtaining necessary quest items/credit for some progression.2
  • Thanks to Akkadius, a way for NPC guards to ALWAYS ignore players has been found and will be implemented after the next source update (to T10 and ALL other tier zones).
  • Numerous chest can be found throughout the zone (253 spawn points). These will be tethered (to prevent pulling or Black Hole pulling). Additionally, some of them will be LOCKED. Key drops are...secretz! Cheesy
  • Traps galore. Be very, VERY careful when just charging across the zone.
  • Some NPCs have the ability to go IMMUNE to certain elements, depending on the situation.
  • Some NPCs will not take kindly to being killed....  Wink


1 - Original thread: http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=4641.msg61544;topicseen#new
2 - These NPCs and events have been setup with several "resets" to correctly undo any zone changes that have been done. This is being mentioned as I will acknowledge upfront that T9 was not quite ready when it was released and I will not repeat the same mistake.
written by hateborne | 1535 Views | 19 Replies
Misc Updates

  • Aspect of True Flight, Celestial Bow, Coralbane, Skittering Longbow (HoH, Airplane, T5, T6 bows) have been made paladin usable.
  • Ultimate Protection IV has been correctly set at 1,500,000 (will not show until spellfile release, but DOES give rune amount).
  • AC values were fixed on numerous buffs/debuffs. Specifically, Armor of the Crab (grants 10% AC bonus at all levels), Vicious Disempower (and it's recourse), and Nillipus' Stampede of the Wee are much more useful. As noted above, effects are live, but spellfile is out of date.
  • Rogue augments should no longer block UW clickies after reboot! (Thanks Hukster)

written by hateborne | 2545 Views | 70 Replies
Gemstone of the Ages Drop Rate Increased!

Due to the Skin of the Drake changes, an unrelated exploit fix, and a very well thought out PM from a player, I have increased the drop rate by roughly 10%. I'll keep an eye on the number of drops/loots to potentially adjust further.

This is the kind of goodness that happens when people write out intelligent posts/messages (even weakly structured, but well delivered point) and when people report AoE farming exploits. I base a lot of big items off of the number looted weekly. If a few people are exploiting, mass farming, and getting 5x (or more) than the average player, the drop rates stay crappy (or get worse). If the loot rate across the board is low, I can safely justify lower the chance (increasing the chance of seeing one). :-)

written by hateborne | 1499 Views | 15 Replies
Warping Botter Suspended 04/23/15

Warping botter caught and suspended for 7 days. Below is a list of items REMOVED from botting player's account. Additionally, all coinage was removed and all berries were set to 1. Lastly, UW was downgraded two ranks as most of the items were bot/warped farmed.

Platinum Destroyed: 31,794,576
Berries Destroyed: 1,614

Items Destroyed: (see next post)

written by hateborne | 835 Views | 8 Replies
Watch for Crazies!


As a result of the changes to NPC spell books this week, you may notice some...oddities involving their damage output. If you notice mobs hitting EXTREMELY hard or becoming, effectively unkillable, please report them in this thread.

So far, the things of note that have changed are:

  • NPC Wizards got their Static Burst Fixed (had 95% resist chance previously)
  • NPC Shaman got Kiss of Antraygus (PBAOE)
  • NPC Paladins should have two heals with reboot (one was incorrect flagged as a ...buff)
  • NPC Shadow Knights have many harm touches available, but ONE at a time.

written by hateborne | 845 Views | 9 Replies
Misc Updates 04/22/15

Updated the "stats" command (specifically, the Stonewall portion) from a bug report from Tereg. I botched an update of an item which lead into finding a few areas in the "stats" code that doubled up the values incorrectly. This has been resolved, ALL values have been confirmed/updated, and (with reboot/new instance) they should report correctly in all cases. :-D

As a byproduct of this hunt, I found Shield of the Eldritch (enchanter self buff) actually INCREASED melee damage taken rather than DECREASE it. This has been fixed, but doesn't show up in spellfile correctly (but does from '/say stats'). Sorry!

Again, thank you to Tereg and Rymo for pushing this information up to me.


EDIT: Armor of the Crab now gives AC equal to the Warrior Breastplate in the same tier. (i.e. Armor of the Crab, T3/T4, has AC bonus of 175). This is live now.
EDIT#2: Bone Charm of Shadoo/Jasinth stack with Runic Blessing of the Tribunal now. This is also live now.
EDIT#3: Fixed Black Unicorn familiar to quit being such a @#%$@. (New instance/reboot required)
written by hateborne | 710 Views | 0 Replies
New Spell File!

New spell file available today! Effects contained live tomorrow (a.k.a. 'with reboot).

written by hateborne | 934 Views | 12 Replies
Unstuck Corpse Function Added!

With new instances (starting like 5min ago from this post) or reboot, using "summon corpse", "summoncorpse", "unstuck corpse", or "unstuck corpse" while targeting an NPC corpse less than 40 units away (slightly outside max melee), it will SUMMON the corpse to your character's location. This action has a 3 minute (180 second) cooldown.

Abuse it and lose it.


P.S. - Holy Knight strike had some of it's values fixed. This should result in overall increased healing as a tank paladin (and the t9 should be healing 10x as much). Oh and Stampede of the Wee will no longer give 194871984891AC after reboot.

P.S. #2 - Trickshot should be 100% awesome after reboot. On cast (from player OR npc), chance to snare (25%), chance to cause target to take 10% more melee dmg (20%), chance to root (10%), and chance for mortal wound (1%). Root = Rugged Roots, Snare = Impeding Snare, Increased Melee Debuff = Trickshot Crushing Defeat, Mortal Wound = Mortal Wound (5mil non-scaling damage, with a 10% chance to trigger itself again, which could trigger that proc again, etc etc). All of these rolls are independent of each others, so it's not a feast or famine issue.

P.S. #3 - Altered shamans' "Ancestral Honor" to make it more appealing than "just another HP buff".
written by hateborne | 508 Views | 3 Replies
T10 Progress Moving Along!

I've FINALLY got those damned NPC spellbooks sorted out. As a result, with reboot (starting on 4/20/15 EST), some T9 bosses may be slightly meaner but not overly so. Players will also notice paladin and shadow knight NPCs to be slightly more "durable" as one of their self buffs was NEVER working.

Good news though, found three or four spells that NEVER got created in various tiers. Off the top of my head, Taelosian Victory II in T8 and Breathless VI in T9. I cannot remember the other two, but they were in T9 and T7.

As always, progress thread is this way -> http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=4641.msg61228;topicseen#new

written by hateborne | 503 Views | 0 Replies
T10 Update 040215

Attention ladies/gents/trolls,

My slackass is back from being semi-MIA these last two weeks. Spent ~6h on T10 this morning, will try to similarly tomorrow morning. :-D

I'm linking some screenshots via imgur in the T10 update there (http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=4641.0) for you impatient ones.

Print article Mar 23 2015 This Week
written by Akkadius | 1377 Views | 12 Replies
This week going to be running a few Spring events before we start rolling some things out.

Server Stability:
  • Server stability and performance are at an all time high now. Crashes are now extremely rare and everything has been extremely responsive since the instance overhaul

Double Loot:
  • Weekend of 27-29, mark your calendars and become magically sick (Cough cough) and get your body ready, because it is coming


  • Hate has been quiet about his massive progress on T10 so far, he will have to update you when time permits

GM Event:
  • I am thinking about running a GM event this week, we'll see how the work week pans out and if it will allow me to prepare for something epic and server wide

  • TOFS Tserrina spawn fixed by Hate
written by hateborne | 773 Views | 0 Replies
Audience: All

Gem Collector is no longer spawning, Superior Willowisp is no longer spawning, and West Commons is now a normal zone. With the PVP, I'm bloody sick of hearing it. Overthere is still a PVP zone, but there is no boss spawn anymore.

Furthermore, if you would like to continue to harass me and tell me how things "should" be run, this will continue to happen. If you continue to tell me how bad the server is and complain endlessly without contributing anything, you may leave at anytime or I can help your out the door permanently. If you have constructive criticism, not bellyaching, crying, or butthurt...PLEASE share it! :-)

Non-PVP folks: Keep grinding, nothing of note.


EDIT: Spoke with a few about this and they convinced me that we should evaluate a new Level 60 PVP event, to be hashed out and built after T10.
written by hateborne | 3129 Views | 34 Replies
T10 Progress Thread


I'm posting this to let you know that I am still alive and that I'm a slacker. I've been busy transitioning to new job and it's consumed ALL of my focus. As a result, I've been a pretty !#@$!@^ Content Dev (moreso than usual). I'm posting this to give you an idea of what's going on, when, and where. The list below will grow as I remember things and will be ordered in priority too (as it's just "lolhereitis" right now).

  • Finish third base camp.  DONE 4/15/15
  • Fix and Add-to Existing NPC Spell Books DONE 4/22/15
  • Set the elemental resists/immunities/weaknesses.
  • Set up skirmish camps (all of them...). DONE 4/29/15
  • Create the numerous bosses, some of which are spawned in such ways that the devil himself is aroused. WIP
  • Script the camp-involving fights/events. WIP
  • Script a few dozen (very mean) ambushes. DONE 4/29/15
  • Kill Kenny McCormick.
  • Make sure factions are more well-paced this time.
  • Ensure that at least a dozen hidden quests.
  • Scale up to ensure it sucks for everyone breaking in. Wink

From the previous post: http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=4579.0
Look here for the thoughts and discussions about this.

written by hateborne | 1499 Views | 12 Replies

This weekend's Double Loot is both a gift and in memory of Hunter. We lost him Feb 15, 2014 but he is not forgotten. If you have anything that you can/could share about him, please do. I will update this thread later with some of my own memories/shenanigans with him. I wanted to do something special, such as an ingame event to explain the genesis of EZ (I still will over the next week, but real life kept me locked down this week). I hope you all enjoy the loot, enjoy the improvements Akkadius and I have made (mainly Akkadius though), and keep the crazy GM/Troll in your minds/hearts/prayers.

RIP Bud.

written by Akkadius | 1074 Views | 9 Replies
EDIT: (Friday) Double Loot and Double Credits is active until Monday

I didn't want to update again for at least a month or two, but since almost everything was perfect last round minus some player animation updating and some RoF2 updates made its way in, I figured I would update now before any crazy issues are introduced.

Let me know if anything crazy shows up.

  • Trevius: (RoF+) Bandolier no longer displays a Treasure Chest Icon when no Bandoliers are set.
  • Trevius: (RoF+) Setting Alt flag on characters in the Guild Management Window is now saved and functional for filtering.
  • Trevius: (RoF+) Guild Invites between RoF+ and previous Clients are now functional.
  • Akkadius: Fixed a rarer crash related to last hail to the gnome miner for expeditions

  • If you destroy an expedition while in the expedition, it will now boot you
  • Entering an expedition initially will create a soft lockout of 1 hour
written by hateborne | 3576 Views | 70 Replies
2-11-15 Caster Changes

New spell file available!

This is mostly a repost from the other thread, but it lists all final changes. The Drake adjustments are in place, but can be gently tweaked as needed (translated: calm your tits). All of these changes will be live with reboot (2/12 AM-reboot). Casters should be very powerful and *more* cost/reward balanced than before. I've updated recipe book and I will unlock the Mana Necklace recipes today. I'll also be adding the new spells (Exorcise Evil, Exorcism en Masse, Word of Vivification II) to loot tables today (they have been in DB since 2 weeks ago).

Overall, the changes are sitting fairly well given the length of the thread before and the good dialogue from everyone actually contributing. If you have questions/concerns, PLEASE post them here! :-)

  • Avenger's Touch had it's percentage heal max value decreased by roughly 20%.
  • Skin of the Drake has a recast time of 45s (up from 30s) and is primarily limited by hits.
  • Skin of the Drake III trigger saw a 20% drop.
  • Skin of the Drake IV trigger saw a 30% drop.
  • Druid Single-Target Regeneration has been increased by 30%.
  • Remissive Remedy now has a 0.5s cast time (down from 1.5s), with a cooldown increased to 40s (up from 20s).
  • Purge Weakness now has a 0.5s cast time (down from 1.5s), also cleric usable.
  • Word of Vivification will become a 1.5s recast (down from 2.5s).
  • Ancestral Honor 8.0 decreased to 100k HP buff (from 150k).
  • Ancestral Honor 9.0 decreased to 132k HP buff (from 200k).
  • Armor of the Crab increased to 30k HP buff (from 10k).
  • Armor of the Crab II increased to 75k HP ...... Read More
written by Akkadius | 4278 Views | 79 Replies
I have rolled out a new instance system that replaces waypoint-oriented functionality because the old system absolutely needs to go and causes a lot of lag issues aside from being able to do anything with the existing code. So as promised here it is.

I've made an effort to try and keep syntax and functionality as close to the original system as much as possible, so bear with us as we make this large transition. Most of it should be really solid, fast and lean, but if there are any issues to address. It won't be a problem.

/say instance


  • create [solo/raid/guild] instance - Creates an instance of the current zone that you are in
  • create [solo/raid/guild] instance [zone_short_name] - Does a remote instance create when you use zone short name

Public Vs Private Instances
  • When you first create your instance, it is marked as a public instance in which others can join, if you wish to have this instance be closed so people can't "enter raid akkadius qrg", you need to mark it as closed in the menu

Inviting (examples)
  • raid invite templeveeshan player1, player2, player3 etc.
  • solo invite nexus player1, player2, player3 etc.

  • You must be added to someones instance in order to be able to enter it when it is private, however when it is public you can perform "enter" syntax to enter their instance without invite "enter [solo/guild/raid] Akkadius [zone_short_name]"

  • Read More



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