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written by Akkadius | 86 Views | 4 Replies
Hey everyone, quick update!

Server Status

- The server has been running very smooth since the transition and getting some new operating scripts in place. I'd like to test it this weekend by doing Double Loot from Friday Noon CDT to Monday Noon CDT


- Zones have been returned to their 10 minute grace period before shutting down
- Fixed a display issue with T5 tasks that showed "Unknown Zone" in the Task list, it now properly shows "Ruins of Illsalin"
- Fixed an issue where players would not get full coin back for large stacks of items sold, with large amounts of platinum

written by Akkadius | 607 Views | 13 Replies
EZ Double Loot for Sunday until Monday Noon CDT  Grin

- Fixed an issue where the Roaming Gnome would not properly give Shadow Knight's their Epic 10.0 Aug
- The Roaming Gnome will now prompt you for aug retrieval if you have lost it and had completed Weapon Research
- The Universal Teleporter will now properly zone players to the new zone in point in Sunderock (T10)
- T10: Ultimate Plate Legs Worn effect is now more inline with the Orc line Worn effect
- Adjusted Plagueborne spawn rates exponentially in T10 as well as in the mini
- Removed more trash loot from T10 and T10 mini
- Forgemaster Blazeclaw should now spawn appropriately again in T10
- Fixed a crash issue with players in T10

Server Update
- EZ is now running on Linux, you should notice the server being snappier  Grin

written by Akkadius | 368 Views | 2 Replies
Just wanted to make another quick update since a lot of in-thread updates were made.



  • Grand Summoner Agwin can now take in multiple weapons at a time for Weapon Research
  • Stone Sergeant Grognir can now take in multiple weapons at a time for Weapon Research
  • Warlord Asmodae can now take in multiple weapons at a time for Weapon Research
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing plagueborne to spawn properly in certain cases
  • Roaming Gnome now tells you if you tried to do "change of heart" without having 500k Platinum to "Reset"
  • Roaming Gnome now sends players to Character select instead of killing them
  • Main Quest NPC's should now be targetable using certain MQ2 builds
  • Plagueborne spawn rates adjusted
  • High Orc Warboss Zug spawn rate has been adjusted
  • Orc Thundermaker spawn rate has been adjusted
  • Plagueborne's now spawn in place of the NPC that was killed on trigger
  • Zone wide emotes now display on the marquee portion of a characters screen to also help those who miss it in combat spam
  • Plagueborne mini-bosses no longer spawn due to the quest tied to them being removed
  • Trash loot that serves little to no purpose has also been removed from tables
  • Vampire/Undead quest items are now also removed from the loot table
  • New attainable items have been added to boss loot tables (Rent)
  • Key chest drops now have a chance to drop off of trash


  • Recipe: Shield of the Ages LX should now combine properly (Rent)
  • The Teleporter should also be mass /assist targetable now through certain MQ2 builds
  • Resolved an issue with expeditions where sometimes the entire expedition would complete on player zone in
  • Instancing: /say instance menu now has an option to "Delete All Instances" this follows 10 minute cooldown timer as well
  • The Roaming Gnome should now handle Epic 10.0 completion correctly again
  • All items (10,683) that are stackable in the game now have a stack limit of 1,000
  • Utility based NPC's no longer will participate in combat

Print article Dec 28 2016 New Years
written by Akkadius | 503 Views | 5 Replies

"What was that you say? Double Loot again for the New Years? Yes please!"

  • Double Loot and Double Credits are active one last time Friday and Saturday for those that missed it while spending time with family like they should. I will be turning off doubles on Sunday at 2AM CDT so you guys can get some sleep and enjoy the New Years doing something other than staring at pixels all night long.

Have a Happy New Years folks!


written by Akkadius | 2731 Views | 72 Replies
Holiday Event
  • Double Loot will be available Friday through Tuesday
  • Double Credits will be available Friday through Tuesday

  • Update your /say #files or use the link on the left as there is new Spell data

  • [Drajor] Hero Forge models now work correctly in game
  • [Akkadius] Hero Forge models now load at character select

  • Muramite Proving Grounds expedition will now enforce essence selections allowable based on the lowest level toon in the expedition

Ultimate Weapons:

  • Ultimate Weapons have had a visual overhaul, each Ultimate Weapon set now changes weapon graphic and icon every 3 tiers.
  • "Ultimate Knuckle" line has been renamed to "Ultimate Weapon Fist"
  • "Ultimate Zweihander" line has been renamed to "Ultimate Great Axe"
  • [Rent] "Ultimate Mace" last few ranks of the line had an issue with healing proc, this has now been resolved

T10 Changes


  • A zone out beacon has been added near the zone in of Sunderock
  • Each faction camp in T10 has been made to stand out more distinctively as separate camps within the main entrance area
  • Log objects near the Orc camp have been removed
  • Many objects have been removed from the zone that contribute to memory/zone overhead
  • Many visual adjustments have been made to the zone for look and feel as well as functionality
  • Players are now able to create instances, however even with free waypoint items, T10 will cost due to server resources until T11 is open
  • Players just starting out T10 get a notification when entering each specific camp
  • Portals now tell players whether they are currently closed or not
  • The zone in location for Sunderock has been moved to the hill below the camp

  • All visible and non-visible armor sets have had a significant stat boost so rewards are more inline with zone difficulty
  • Visible armor sets now have appropriate Mana/Endurance as well as regeneration rates
  • Ring of Sunderock is now available on the Roaming Gnome
  • New Ultimate T10 Armor line uses the new Hero Forge Models
  • A New Vitality line has been introduced to T10, "Citrine Gemstone of Vitality X" - this is not parallel progression to Leaf of Vitality

Preview of New "Ultimate" T10 Hero Forge:

  • Beast of Burden now appropriately spawns in the Sarnak camp
  • Boss spawn conditions so they are based on roll rather than total kill count
  • Fixed "Little J-haughn" now properly give task completion credits for kill
  • Fixed "Ro`kki" now properly give task completion credits for kill
  • Fixed "Sharpclaw Tuff Grimefoot" now properly give task completion credits for kill
  • Fixed "Vampire Lord" now properly give task completion credits for kill
  • Sarnak Boss Lord Vaxxol should now spawn
  • Forgemaster Blazeclaw (Gnoll) should also be far more realistically spawnable
  • Gnoll bosses have been increased in physical size and appearance has changed to make them more "boss-like"
  • Lord Venombite boss triggers have been reworked into general Gnoll kills
  • Ro`kki in the bandit camp should also be more easily spawnable
  • Spawn conditions for various bosses have been rewritten so they can be triggered with realistic conditions
  • The Basilisk Den Mother (Boss) now spawns with more realistic conditions
  • Vampire Lord no longer wanders after being triggered
  • [Rent] All bosses in T10 now have spawn emotes, if they had existing ones they were most likely revised or changed
  • Plagueborne spawn rates have been increased
  • Plagueborn's now give a zone wide emote when they spawn

  • All traps have been removed from the zone
  • Camp Leaders have been pulled out of their tents to make them easier to access
  • Camp NPC's have had their appearances adjusted and dialogue adjusted to make it more obvious of their importance
  • Cross camp invasions have been removed and NPC's stick to their own camps
  • NPC Dialogue is now accompanied with animations to give more life to player interaction
  • NPC pathing pauses in between grid points have been heavily adjusted to reduce zone overhead
  • Orc models have been changed to newer models and textures have been changed appropriately
  • Rangers and Archers have been removed from all camps. Any Quest NPC's referencing them in dialogue have also been removed
  • Roaming Gnome's last name has been changed to: "Core Quest NPC & Information"
  • Vaquel the Champion is a new NPC in the main camp

  • A new armor "Ultimate set" not to confuse with the "Ultimate Weapon" line has been added as a questline to Sunderock. Nuwferus MacKilligan handles this after players have achieved Ally with all 3 factions
  • All NPC's that give dialogue in Sunderock now use dialogue windows interaction quality/ease of readability
  • Artifacts questline has been removed from Elgeon Silvershaper
  • Camp leaders now display faction levels in the armory once a player has gotten to the level of unlocking the Armory for each camp
  • Casters guild "Blood Token" line for Necromancers now requires Undead to kill versus the Archers since they have been eliminated from the zone
  • Each camp leader now displays locked/unlocked status in a dialogue window when a player has gotten to the stage of the armory
  • Freeport and Qeynos questlines have been removed
  • Nightblade Carella's original quest has been removed
  • Elgeon Silvershaper's Artifact questline has been removed
  • Quest NPC's now have more appropriately labeled last names
  • Roaming Gnome now allows players to start another camp faction once an existing camp faction has been completed
  • All 3 camp leaders no longer give the faction task once player is 'Ally'
  • Orc bosses now drop a single "Faydwer Alliance: Armory Token"
  • Gnoll bosses now drop a "Indigo Vanguard: Armory Token"
  • Sarnak bosses now drop a "Cabilis Foreign Legion: Armory Token"
  • Camp leaders take armor tokens as hand in now for Armory credit per physical token drop changes
  • Vaquel the Champion has a new quest in the main camp area

  • "Enslaved Undead Gnolls" now allows 18 players to enter
  • "Enslaved Undead Gnolls" now no longer repop after 6 hours after they've been killed

Special Thanks:
  • To all of the players that make EZ what it is
  • To Rent for spending many many hours helping out with this last patch. He has shown tremendous desire to help this community because it is something he's been a part of for so long and loves. He truly has been a big help in assisting with tasks and getting various things doled out as needed. Please give him your appreciation.
  • Drajor with helping out with the latest Hero Forge patch and getting a few things working regarding them so I could keep working on other things

I will edit more of this post later on, but for now I'm going to bed.

written by Akkadius | 3299 Views | 33 Replies
Hello EZ Players!

Halloween is coming up here soon and it is a memorable time of year for EZ players.

Halloween will be enabled starting October 26th (Wednesday) through the 1st of November, it will be the original 2014 event. Double Loot and and Double Credits also active during this time, after Halloween - donations will be completely closed off until closer to the end of the year.

There will most likely be an influx of players. Please make this time of year a warm celebration and remembrance of Hunter.

Also please have Hunter's wife, Isa in your prayers (if you will) as she has a type 5 typhoon hitting the Phillipines very soon

written by Akkadius | 1839 Views | 15 Replies
Hello EZ players! It appears that the EZ Server rules haven't been followed lately or looks like even in recent months. There are a lot of things that EZ Server is already very lenient on, but one of the things that we've always been hard pressed on is the toleration of AFK botting.

117 Accounts and 303 characters are now suspended for a week that were associated with anyone that had been AFK botting. Consider this an extremely FAIR warning - this offense has historically been bannable. There are a lot of things that we allow to macro and bot to make boxing easier, but AFK farming is unfair to everyone and you know who you are.

If you shared an account with anyone who had been doing this your account also falls under this blanket - which is also against the rules.

If you need help reading the rules again, they are posted here: http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=8.0

If you believe this is in error, send me a PM/E-Mail - don't blow up this thread as I've explained everything as to why.

Thanks everyone.


I've gone through and purged Essences and GSOA's from characters that were suspended for AFK botting. Be lucky you weren't permanently banned, and may this serve as warning to anyone else that you won't get away with it. It's unfair to everyone else to AFK bot and plenty of it has gone on. I was nice enough to keep most other items (Ultimate weapons and other ranked items) in-tact at their current rank.

  • Essence of Qvic x 1060
  • Essence of Cazic Thule x 884
  • Essence of Dragons Major x 607
  • Essence of Gods Minor x 584
  • Essence of Dragons Minor x 552
  • Essence of Gods Major x 532
  • Essence of The Abyss x 232
  • Essence of Temple Veeshan x 110
  • Essence of Loping Plains x 46
  • Essence of Norrath x 23
  • Gemstone of the Ages x 20
written by Akkadius | 702 Views | 1 Reply
Working on server issues in the datacenter currently, I will give you guys an update when I know more.

6:25 PM CDT
written by Akkadius | 551 Views | 1 Reply
Per Rogean:

There will be an extended downtime on Friday, September 30th starting around 1 or 2 AM and lasting several hours, affecting the following: EQEmulator Website and Loginserver, Project 1999 Website and Game servers, PEQ Game Server, EZ Game Server, TakP Game Server
written by Akkadius | 3477 Views | 31 Replies
It's been since around May since we have done server code updates, and we're due to get updated. Below is the changelog.

- Akkadius: Fixed an issue where clients would crash with health marquee's
- Akkadius: Fixed issues with NPC's "ghosting" when they path
- Akkadius: Overhauled worldserver logging
- Akkadius: Pets now don't actually spawn until the player has fully entered the zone (Live-like)
- demonstar/KLS: Adjusted some background workings on how spell buff tics are synced with the client
- Uleat: Optimizations to map loading and zone times
- Uleat/Akkadius: Fixed bandolier exploit where you could equip a 2H and Shield
- Demonstar55: Re-worked spell re-use timer logic
- Demonstar55: Source optimizations all over, crash fixes
- Demonstar55: Fixed some issues with illusions on zoning
- Demonstar55: Fixed some client DOT stacking bugs
- Demonstar55: Invis will now break on AA spell casts and item cast
- Demonstar55: Changed how Loot response code works
- Demonstar55: Implemented 3 additional spell gems with (Mnemonic Retention)
- Demonstar55: Instant spells now have instrument mods
- Demonstar55: Rate limit character saves
- Demonstar55: Made it so items no longer do TGB (Live-like) Rule implemented to disable
- Demonstar55: Set pet buffs to 30

As usual if you notice any issues as a result of this patch, please report them on the forums.

written by Akkadius | 1515 Views | 9 Replies
#::: EZ Server Changelog Notes

- Augmentation sealer should now give players back their item if they accidently hand in anything but a type 22 augment
- Magelo has been updated to reflect AA's purchased on characters, thanks Maudigan from mqemulator.net
- Spell: Theft of Survival III will now be Level 75 (T5) versus the Level 77 it was before
- Level Up Wench will now appropriately check for T10 completion, flagging players and leveling appropriately now
- PVP in Overthere has been re-enabled
- For now, Ultimate Weapon bans from PVP are disabled
- Pathing: Zones northkarana, skyfire, sro, jaggedpine, sunderock (T10), oldcommons (T9) should all be prevented from having NPC's pathing into the ground
- HoH: Added some extra checks to make sure that boss 'Shadow' clears aggro when he shadow steps
- Shield of the Ages Rank 56-60 Recipes are now implemented
- T9: Made an adjustment where Army of Light NPC's will not attack clients, especially under circumstances where the player assist the NPC's in fighting opposite faction NPC's
- Fixed an issue with Shadow where he would be unpullable in buildings/floors/etc
written by Akkadius | 880 Views | 0 Replies
All instances have been reset due to the max ID client limitation as we have to do every once in a while.

You will have to make brand new instances.

Thanks everyone.
Print article Jul 19 2016 Update
written by Akkadius | 1049 Views | 2 Replies
Just letting you guys know that life has been extremely busy since the July 4th week, I do plan on knocking out a hefty list of things here soon and will be bulldozing through bugs and some other items as well.

written by Akkadius | 2001 Views | 12 Replies
By tradition, we usually enable Double Loot on the weekend of July 4th, enjoy it until Tuesday noon CST.


written by Akkadius | 1323 Views | 3 Replies
  • T10 Expedition: 'Enslaved Undead Gnolls' :: NPC :: Lowered HP regen and overall HP of trash mobs
  • T10 Expedition: 'Enslaved Undead Gnolls' :: NPC :: Damage of trash NPC's have raised
  • T10: Halved the excess of lag that is produced in T10
  • Socho Darkpaw in T10 is now invulnerable
  • Expeditions: When a player leaves an expedition when in an instance, they will be kicked back to the expedition initiator
  • Expeditions: When a player is removed from an expedition while in an instance, they will be kicked back to the expedition initiator
  • Expeditions: When you no longer meet the required player count for an expedition, you will be prompted before removing yourself or as an expedition leader, removing another player that the expedition will come to an end if you do not meet the requirement
  • EXP Mask: Fixed the reliability of whether or not the cast of an EXP buff re-levels and stays on the toon

Outstanding Issues to be taken care of soon:
  • T10 Level up wench script will be updated soon
  • Shield of Ages recipes

  • I always respond to E-Mails, but don't freak out if I don't respond right away. I get tons of E-Mails from not only EZ but many other sources as well. When I do get to them thing are taken care of quick, some days will be faster than others.

Thanks everyone who continue to report issues.

written by Akkadius | 2035 Views | 11 Replies
Strike Augs Mass Reimbursement

  • After getting several E-Mails a week regarding this issue, I decided to pull up a snapshot of the 11-20-2015 database and extract all of the Strike augs for characters that were missing for reimbursement.
  • 5,053 augs have been reimbursed for characters into #claim
  • Only the highest tier strike aug on each weapon has been extracted and inserted into that characters claim
  • If you have regained your strike augs on your own or had them manually reimbursed, you will simply have a slight surplus of them. I'd rather have players have their augs and a little more than a ton of players missing them.

  • Multi-Tier Expedition: 'Conquer the Proving Grounds' :: Task :: Essence selection is now based on the leader's level and not average level
  • Multi-Tier Expedition: 'Conquer the Proving Grounds' :: Task :: Expedition now requires a minimum of 3 players to create and run
  • All player lockouts for 'Conquer the Proving Grounds' have been reset on 6-7-2016 due to bugs and task issues
  • Multi-Tier Expedition: 'Conquer the Proving Grounds' :: Task :: Fixed an issue where the boss kills were not properly updating leaving the expedition bugged

written by Akkadius | 4065 Views | 29 Replies

Socho Darkpaw, of the Blackburrow in an attempt to make an alliance with the Vampires of Sunderock to defeat the Orcs of Norrath traveled to Sunderock. Once there he sought out the vampire clan, he only knew of the Mistmoore Vampire Mayong Mistmoore. He found the vampire clan close to the mortal’s Sunderock outpost. While he came in peace with his intentions he was immediately captured and savagely beaten. He was thrown at the feet of the Sunderock Vampire elders. The vampire elders told him for his interference in their affairs his clan would be made to suffer.

The vampire elders sent a plagueborn messenger from from Sunderock to Antonica. The message was to a trusted vampire, Mayong Mistmoore.

T10 Expedition: 'Enslaved Undead Gnolls'
  • Drop :: Vampire quest items now drop instead of bandit  
  • Task :: Completion now rewards 30 Hive Shards
  • Task :: Lockout now occurs on zone in of Blackburrow
  • NPCs :: Now scale between T9 and T10 difficulty
  • NPCs :: Now see through invisibility

Multi-Tier Expedition: 'Conquer the Proving Grounds'
  • NPCs :: Scaling of NPC's is now fixed based on the tier essence chosen and not average player level
  • Drop :: SLS and GLS drop rates have been adjusted to benefit players more
  • Drop :: Essence drop rates have been increased heavily  
  • Drop :: When choosing an essence, there is now a confirmation window asking the player if they are sure that they want to chose the essence  
  • Task :: Now enforces lockout when essence is initially chosen
  • Task :: Is now re-enabled with a lockout of 3 days

  • Implemented alternate T10 progression expedition 'Enslaved Undead Gnolls!', Socho Darkpaw in T10 is your initiator. Concept and story writing credit for the zone goes to Rent  
  • Sunderock (T10) will now allow Call of the Hero oriented spells
  • "Buzzing Berries" have been renamed to "Hive Shards", update server files via #files to have the Alternate Currency tab reflect the new name change
  • Augmentation sealer has been rewritten, it no longer zones the player when inserting augments into two handed or ranged weapons. It also no longer zones players when taking augments out. The augmentation sealer will also allow players to insert augments on top of epic augged weapons. Enjoy!
  • Item Hand-in safety net is back in place with some overhauls and adjustments
  • Fixed an issue where users would get 'Friend' online/offline notifications for other users that were on the ignore list
  • Fixed an issue where Epic Vendor would return your handed in items as well as the result of the hand-in
  • T10 :: Fixed an issue with the Epic 10.0 pre-requisite tasks where Elgeon is non-responsive in task 'QFI: Purge the Plagueborn', he now allows you to progress to the next stage and task
  • Essence drop rates on T5 trash, have been upped by about 30-40%
  • T5 :: Gorgonian now appropriately drops Rogue Feet pattern again as it was only dropping Berserker Arms

Special Thanks
  • Players who've helped test a variety of things as of late, (Rent, Dimurwar, Hardcoretank, Kaidor, Vegitto)
  • Rent who has been helping behind the scenes with various EZ related issues, including concept design for some of the expeditions. He has done some really nice work. Send him your appreciation
  • Thanks to everyone who has reported issues and exploits
  • Anyone else who I might have missed who has been helpful reporting issues

  • As usual, feedback on updates welcome within thread


written by Akkadius | 5011 Views | 30 Replies
Hello all,

The forums are back online for now and we have a slew of updates and things to note.

  • Magelo services have been migrated from Hostgator to a new webhost I've spun up in the EZ datacenter, this will make Magelo page responses far faster
  • Having the magelo run on much faster hardware also makes it realistic to build signatures on the Magelo once again

EZ Community Wiki:
  • The EZ Wiki that has been built and maintained by the members of the EZ community is now also hosted in EZ's datacenter and is located at http://wiki.ezserveronline.com - If you were a contributor to this you will need to re-register

Front/Landing Page:
  • Noot has been kind enough to take on the project of creating us some nice landing page content, more on this to come later.

  • If you find an exploit, or become aware of an existing exploit, do the community a favor and report them properly. I've always given players proper compensation for exploits that are server threatening, this should be common sense but I'm just making this known again. Same thing goes for botters, if you know someone is botting - report them, they shouldn't be botting in the first place and they will be caught.

  • If you plan on donating, make sure you do it soon because I will be shutting them back down again within the next week or so. There will be no double credits and will be 1:1

  • Muramite Proving Grounds Expedition is temporarily disabled until further notice
  • Fixed an issue with the Keeper of the Ages where a bulk upgrade nearing Rank 1,000 with more AA points than what's needed to achieve Rank 1,000 would hit over the cap and recieve no item in return
  • Both forum and in game magelo services have been moved to http://magelo.ezserveronline.com - this will prove to be far more responsive/faster than before, in game commands and links updated as well
  • The 'Help' window has been visually adjusted as well as added #files and #viewchangelog as custom commands
  • Boards will be available starting the beginning of next week, in the meantime the ezwiki is accessible via /say ezwiki and server files are available via command #files, thanks everyone!
  • The EZ Server Wiki has been updated at /say ezwiki, it is the EZ Server Wiki that is made by the players and hosted by myself. Sign up for a user at the top link, in your bio state what it is that you plan to contribute and I will review the registration and approve as they come through
  • Fixed issues with potential lockout bypassing when issuing expedition invites or expedition group invites. Thanks Tankasaurus for helping with the testing
  • The window offering the initial expedition details has been overhauled and displays more useful information with a cleaner appearance
  • Fixed all of the issues with expeditions and lockouts
  • Fixed an issue where characters would sometimes not get a task assignment on creation of an expedition
  • Fixed an issue where some toons would not get task completion credit during an expedition
  • Introduced new in-game command #character_move <account_name> <character_name> :: This will return specified character to Nexus granted they are offline
  • "Left Behind Baggage" will now drop accessories and sometimes 'Essence of Old Commons' once again as it would not drop anything before
  • Atlantean Harpoon has been changed from 2HPierce to 2HB because of classes lacking Skill mods
  • T5 Platinum drops have been slightly lowered, but should still be higher than before
  • You can now view the EZ Server changelog via #viewchangelog
  • Friends will now receive online/offline notifications when friends log in or out
  • Guild members will now receive notifications when other main (non-alt) members go online or offline
  • T4 bosses had mistakenly been assigned the T3 spell pool versus the T4 spell pool, T4 bosses in Airplane now have a 10&PCT; chance to individually roll from the T3 and T4 spell pool respectively
  • Drop fix :: Alkare in T5 now drops the "Veeshan's Boots Pattern II" once again as it was only dropping Magician Sleeves, this will take a new instance to take affect
  • The accidental item hand-in safety net has been put back in place
  • Jaggedpine pathing should now behave more approriately, the pathing Z plane thresholds have been adjusted and the LOS check frequency has been adjusted
  • Razorback in T5 :: Abyss :: is now dropping both Mage/Wizard Arm/Boot patterns again, this may take a new instance to cycle
  • Spell: Crabtwoshoes Lore is now "T9 Spell: Crabtwoshoes Will Heal You Too!" instead of having T9 and T8
  • Skull Earring Lore tag is now "TOFS Accessory Earring"
  • Fixed an issue where EXP buffs do not correctly get rescaled when a player zones immediately afterwards, this will take affect soon as zones recycle. Thanks to Vegitto for the report

Forum Rules and Reminders
  • Keep posts constructive, if argumentative; do not tear into players otherwise your posts will be removed
  • Be respectful of others, that includes staff members, previous staff members or even EQEmu developers

Staff Changes
  • Hateborne is no longer a staff member of the server. Hateborne has been a huge contributor to the EZ Server community over the years, we appreciate all of his hard work and dedication.
written by hateborne | 2834 Views | 19 Replies
Misc Updates/Notes/Things!

Firstly, I am not dead. I was in and out of planes last week to get hired. Yaaaay! I'll still be active, just not literally logged in all day anymore.

Second, UWs now have level limits in place. Yes it sucks, yes it was unexpected, but it's in place to address too many issues and discourage newbies from STARTING into the UW grind instead of playing the bloody game. The UW is basically tier + 1 (i.e. XII is obtainable AFTER T10 [L79], XI is obtainable AFTER T9 [L78], etc etc). The lowest level is 71 for UWs.

Finally, the turn in "safety net" will not be coming back. Akkadius wrote a @#%@ing awesome tool to save people from themselves, but in the end, it was abused during lag. Since Hunter and EQ live was all about "you lose it, you fix it", we will be returning to that policy. If you hand in your UCv3 parts to wrong NPC, not my problem. If you hand in 100 essences to your pet/banker/merchant, not my problem. If you accidentally hand in your class augment to the Newbie Vendor, again, not my problem.

  • My Problem: Server failed, server ate it, quest failure, lag-based deletion or out-of-sync.
  • Not My Problem: Literally everything else.

written by hateborne | 853 Views | 0 Replies
Hello All,

Due to the netcode changes, a massive dupe has found it's way into EZ. As a result, we will likely be issuing the first rollback in years to Thursday (4/14). As a result, we will run a Double Loot next weekend (4/29 - 5/2) to help recoup time lost. As I cannot log in to the server, I cannot simply bounce us back to previous binaries. Emails to me will not speed this along. We are awaiting Akkadius' reply.

Akkadius edit:

Server has been rolled back to Friday due to players who think that an exploit is going to go rampant without repercussion.

Netcode changes that have happened recently, while positive, may be causing some process hangs in certain scenarios that cause the safety net system that has been installed to prevent player stupidity (handing in items to the wrong NPC's) from working correctly.

The safety net has been removed for now until I can get back from vacation and give proper time to fixing the root issue. I'm not worried about fixing the root of the problem as I always do but this is an issue that decided to not surface until I was no longer in the states to address.

We have been rolled back to Friday, Double Loot is turned on and NPC's will no longer hand back items if you are stupid enough to hand them into the wrong NPC.

I'm sorry about this but at the same time, things happen and I appreciate your understanding.

written by Akkadius | 1737 Views | 12 Replies
So after a long an grueling process of troubleshooting and narrowing things down, we've finally got the RoF2 zoning (desync) issue resolved which should also resolve a slew of other buggy type behavior as well since it involves changes to netcode.

Zoning Issues:
  • A HUGE thanks to Haynar for making the changes on the netcode to fixing the zoning issue with RoF2 clients.
  • Haynar is also responsible for the zone speed up changes that were also made in the process of trying to narrow these issues down
  • For those who don't know who Haynar is, he's been a major player in P99's codebase as well as the Tak (EQ Mac) project, he stays mostly behind the scenes. Please give him your thanks in this thread, he spent a lot of time getting to the bottom of this issue
  • Another huge thanks to Dimurwar for night after night of grueling testing. I've also had folks such as Mixlor and a few others that have helped with this lengthy process. Once again we appreciate how willing our players are to help us troubleshoot difficult issues

  • In-zone death has been removed due to desync issues being resolved

I've also fixed quite a few crashes that I've spotted in our logs over the past few days as well.


written by hateborne | 5896 Views | 47 Replies
Zones Converted to Scripted Loot!

Halls of Honor [hohonora] was converted yesterday (or Monday?) [04-04-16?].
Plane of Gods [airplane] was converted this morning [04-06-16].
Asylum of Anguish [anguish] was converted this evening [04-06-16].
LDON Floors were converted this morning [04-09-16].
TOFS [frozenshadow] was converted last night and this morning [04-25 to 04-26].
The Abyss [illsalin] was converted just now [4-26-16].

What does this mean for you? Easier to find spells as they are no longer restricted to certain boss(es), easier for me to adjust/add things on the fly, and more reliable "double loot" participation by the zone. Smiley

EDIT: Added bonus, Asylum of Anguish now has some checks to recover from wipe on Jelvan, as well as respawning Mata after 90s if you pulled him with bosses or too much trash alive. Enjoy!
EDIT #2: Each floor has 1-2 "common" cards now that drop 1:20 from trash, 1:1 from bosses. The "uncommon" cards range from 1:50 to 1:75 (down from 1:100 to 1:180). Additionally, credits from bosses are either 50 or 100 points, while credits from trash are either 10 or 50. Gem drops have been increased a fair bit, but BULK DROPS (meaning 3-6 or 0, no 1-2 gems per corpse).
EDIT #3: Each TOFS floor should now have progressively more platinum dropping.
EDIT #4: (For T5) Spells are much more common from all bosses, weapons should be more common, accessories are less rare, and cash flow should be significantly better than before!

written by hateborne | 4423 Views | 46 Replies
Minor Updates!

Ok, here we go again with miscellaneous updates. :-)

Ring of the Ages had recommended (rec) level and required (req) level set. The levels are as follows:

  • Ranks 0 - 200: Rec/Req levels of 70
  • Ranks 201-400: Req level of 70, rec level of 72
  • Ranks 401-600: Req level of 72, rec level of 73
  • Ranks 601-800: Req level of 73, rec level of 75
  • Ranks 800-1000: Req level of 75, rec level of 76

Mask of Experience buffs are now regulated via level. When a Mask of Experience buff is cast (group cast or MGB cast), it checks against the level chart below to determine your highest eligible buff. If you receive a rank higher than your "set amount", it recasts the lower buff on you instead. This way the Mask of Experience is effectively 'unchanged'.

  • 1-69: 0%
  • 70: 50%
  • 71: 100%
  • 72: 150%
  • 73: 200%
  • 74: 250%
  • 75: 300%
  • 76: 350%
  • 77+: No cap

The RoA level caps are due to the regeneration values simply not eligible to scale down. If we are ok with REMOVING the regeneration from RoA, then I can remove required level cap (leaving only the recommended one).

These changes spawned off of feedback from email and from the thread below:

written by Akkadius | 1203 Views | 8 Replies
I'll have the server down around 11:30AM CST for a period of time to do some maintenance that I've been needing to do for a while. Once done things should be right back up.
written by hateborne | 1824 Views | 9 Replies
Ultimate Augment Updates!

Today I revised a lot of the Ultimate Augments to better serve a purpose based on a lot of random feedback over the last year. The ones that exist have been rewritten (some, not all) and a few new ones will appear tonight or this weekend.

Here is the rundown:
  • Wide Arc Swing became a proc augment with ~7% proc chance.
  • Hatestomp IV damage set to 85k (up from 46k)
  • Life From Pain converted to Lifetap, which increased healing value a good bit.
  • Long-Range Fireball is now a sympathetic proc (proc on cast) and focus type. However, due to double-dipping from casters using this and proc'ing UW for unfair DPS.
  • Drop Defenses is now a Dual Type (Proc or Focus) augment that fits in either slot. It can now proc on cast or melee (low chance).
  • Amplify Vulnerability is now a Dual Type (Proc of Focus) augment that fits in either slot. It can now proc on cast or melee (low chance).
  • Ignore Death is now a Dual Type (Proc of Focus) augment that fits in either slot. It can now proc on cast or melee (low chance)
  • Ultimate Protection has become a passive, worn augment with large bonuses to block/dodge/parry.

Related, but not technically Ultimate Augment involved, I restored the focus effect to Ultimate Greatstaff to trigger on harmful spell cast (~50% proc chance).

New spell file (04-01-16) available and is needed for some of the changes to show up.




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