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Print article Mar 23 2015 This Week
written by Akkadius | 537 Views | 7 Replies
This week going to be running a few Spring events before we start rolling some things out.

Server Stability:
  • Server stability and performance are at an all time high now. Crashes are now extremely rare and everything has been extremely responsive since the instance overhaul

Double Loot:
  • Weekend of 27-29, mark your calendars and become magically sick (Cough cough) and get your body ready, because it is coming


  • Hate has been quiet about his massive progress on T10 so far, he will have to update you when time permits

GM Event:
  • I am thinking about running a GM event this week, we'll see how the work week pans out and if it will allow me to prepare for something epic and server wide

  • TOFS Tserrina spawn fixed by Hate
written by hateborne | 403 Views | 0 Replies
Audience: All

Gem Collector is no longer spawning, Superior Willowisp is no longer spawning, and West Commons is now a normal zone. With the PVP, I'm bloody sick of hearing it. Overthere is still a PVP zone, but there is no boss spawn anymore.

Furthermore, if you would like to continue to harass me and tell me how things "should" be run, this will continue to happen. If you continue to tell me how bad the server is and complain endlessly without contributing anything, you may leave at anytime or I can help your out the door permanently. If you have constructive criticism, not bellyaching, crying, or butthurt...PLEASE share it! :-)

Non-PVP folks: Keep grinding, nothing of note.


EDIT: Spoke with a few about this and they convinced me that we should evaluate a new Level 60 PVP event, to be hashed out and built after T10.
written by hateborne | 1071 Views | 14 Replies
T10 Progress Thread


I'm posting this to let you know that I am still alive and that I'm a slacker. I've been busy transitioning to new job and it's consumed ALL of my focus. As a result, I've been a pretty !#@$!@^ Content Dev (moreso than usual). I'm posting this to give you an idea of what's going on, when, and where. The list below will grow as I remember things and will be ordered in priority too (as it's just "lolhereitis" right now).

  • Finish third base camp.
  • Set up skirmish camps (all of them...).
  • Create the numerous bosses, some of which are spawned in such ways that the devil himself is aroused.
  • Set the elemental resists/immunities/weaknesses.
  • Script the camp-involving fights/events.
  • Script a few dozen (very mean) ambushes.
  • Kill Kenny McCormick.
  • Make sure factions are more well-paced this time.
  • Ensure that at least a dozen hidden quests.
  • Scale up to ensure it sucks for everyone breaking in. ;-)

From the previous post: http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=4579.0
Look here for the thoughts and discussions about this.

written by hateborne | 972 Views | 12 Replies

This weekend's Double Loot is both a gift and in memory of Hunter. We lost him Feb 15, 2014 but he is not forgotten. If you have anything that you can/could share about him, please do. I will update this thread later with some of my own memories/shenanigans with him. I wanted to do something special, such as an ingame event to explain the genesis of EZ (I still will over the next week, but real life kept me locked down this week). I hope you all enjoy the loot, enjoy the improvements Akkadius and I have made (mainly Akkadius though), and keep the crazy GM/Troll in your minds/hearts/prayers.

RIP Bud.

written by Akkadius | 604 Views | 9 Replies
EDIT: (Friday) Double Loot and Double Credits is active until Monday

I didn't want to update again for at least a month or two, but since almost everything was perfect last round minus some player animation updating and some RoF2 updates made its way in, I figured I would update now before any crazy issues are introduced.

Let me know if anything crazy shows up.

  • Trevius: (RoF+) Bandolier no longer displays a Treasure Chest Icon when no Bandoliers are set.
  • Trevius: (RoF+) Setting Alt flag on characters in the Guild Management Window is now saved and functional for filtering.
  • Trevius: (RoF+) Guild Invites between RoF+ and previous Clients are now functional.
  • Akkadius: Fixed a rarer crash related to last hail to the gnome miner for expeditions

  • If you destroy an expedition while in the expedition, it will now boot you
  • Entering an expedition initially will create a soft lockout of 1 hour
written by hateborne | 2538 Views | 70 Replies
2-11-15 Caster Changes

New spell file available!

This is mostly a repost from the other thread, but it lists all final changes. The Drake adjustments are in place, but can be gently tweaked as needed (translated: calm your tits). All of these changes will be live with reboot (2/12 AM-reboot). Casters should be very powerful and *more* cost/reward balanced than before. I've updated recipe book and I will unlock the Mana Necklace recipes today. I'll also be adding the new spells (Exorcise Evil, Exorcism en Masse, Word of Vivification II) to loot tables today (they have been in DB since 2 weeks ago).

Overall, the changes are sitting fairly well given the length of the thread before and the good dialogue from everyone actually contributing. If you have questions/concerns, PLEASE post them here! :-)

  • Avenger's Touch had it's percentage heal max value decreased by roughly 20%.
  • Skin of the Drake has a recast time of 45s (up from 30s) and is primarily limited by hits.
  • Skin of the Drake III trigger saw a 20% drop.
  • Skin of the Drake IV trigger saw a 30% drop.
  • Druid Single-Target Regeneration has been increased by 30%.
  • Remissive Remedy now has a 0.5s cast time (down from 1.5s), with a cooldown increased to 40s (up from 20s).
  • Purge Weakness now has a 0.5s cast time (down from 1.5s), also cleric usable.
  • Word of Vivification will become a 1.5s recast (down from 2.5s).
  • Ancestral Honor 8.0 decreased to 100k HP buff (from 150k).
  • Ancestral Honor 9.0 decreased to 132k HP buff (from 200k).
  • Armor of the Crab increased to 30k HP buff (from 10k).
  • Armor of the Crab II increased to 75k HP ...... Read More
written by Akkadius | 2669 Views | 75 Replies
I have rolled out a new instance system that replaces waypoint-oriented functionality because the old system absolutely needs to go and causes a lot of lag issues aside from being able to do anything with the existing code. So as promised here it is.

I've made an effort to try and keep syntax and functionality as close to the original system as much as possible, so bear with us as we make this large transition. Most of it should be really solid, fast and lean, but if there are any issues to address. It won't be a problem.

/say instance


  • create [solo/raid/guild] instance - Creates an instance of the current zone that you are in
  • create [solo/raid/guild] instance [zone_short_name] - Does a remote instance create when you use zone short name

Public Vs Private Instances
  • When you first create your instance, it is marked as a public instance in which others can join, if you wish to have this instance be closed so people can't "enter raid akkadius qrg", you need to mark it as closed in the menu

Inviting (examples)
  • raid invite templeveeshan player1, player2, player3 etc.
  • solo invite nexus player1, player2, player3 etc.

  • You must be added to someones instance in order to be able to enter it when it is private, however when it is public you can perform "enter" syntax to enter their instance without invite "enter [solo/guild/raid] Akkadius [zone_short_name]"

  • Read More
written by Akkadius | 606 Views | 2 Replies
  • Light sources on NPC's and players actually are implemented for the first time surprisingly
  • Small bandolier fix
  • Item Recast type displays now work correctly across zoning
  • Some rarer netcode related crashes have been fixed
  • Ranged procs are fixed once again
  • UCS crash fixes have been made, so things should be far more stable, please let us know if you see otherwise
  • Core stability issues have been addressed
  • Various back-end adjustments to RoF2 have been made
  • Lots of other things I can't remember off the top of my head

RoF 2 Client
  • We need to start a fresh new slate on any existing issues of RoF2 and get them on the plate. Right now we have a good chunk of players using the new client and we need to keep momentum towards this new client and stabilizing any remaining issues. The client itself is extremely stable, but there may be lingering issues regarding server and client interaction that need to be addressed. I encourage all input here.

  • I've fixed the remaining issues with this system, over the December break I've had the opportunity to do intensive testing with groups of 50-60 toons and improve the speed and rewrote a good majority of the system that has made it as smooth as it was meant to be. If there are any notable outstanding issues with these that I have not been made aware of please let me know. Thanks to everyone who has spent time volunteering to help get this smoothed over, I know it has been annoying and painful to deal with but they ...... Read More
written by Akkadius | 423 Views | 2 Replies
Some changes I had on my list. Here you go.

  • I've completely removed the header images from mobile browsers because it was repeatedly loading 30 images each page refresh and it was crippling to browser performance. I've tested on my phone and it is extremely responsive now.
  • Desktop browsers didn't have nearly as much of a problem but I've enabled some browser compression and caching so that general browsing should also be overall more responsive, as well as only loading a random 4-5 images in the scroller per page refresh.
written by hateborne | 982 Views | 5 Replies
SLS Botters Suspended

55 accounts were suspended for a week due to SLS botting. Those caught had GLS/SLS removed and plat wiped.

Removed from the market: ~86mil plat and ~300 SLS

Each account has been flagged with a warning (internal note), next offense of any kind for those listed is permaban. If your account was knocked down from sharing, too bad. The rules state explicitly that sharing accounts can result in this kind of "guilt by association".


EDIT: If you believe you were knocked offline incorrectly, you are welcome to try to explain it via email (Hateborne @ gmail dot com), but expect an uphill battle.
written by hateborne | 1737 Views | 26 Replies
T7 Mini Finally Live!

After Akkadius spent nearly an entire evening rewriting the expedition system in a caffeine fueled rampage, things are mostly smoother and less spammy than before. As such, the T7 mini is open for business. Plenty of angry NPCs, a lot of walking corpses, and now with 25% less doors!

You will need the EZ Server Files on the left and then you are free to visit the Bloodmoon Temple Ancient in Stone Hive.

Print article Jan 15 2015 Vacation
written by Akkadius | 629 Views | 5 Replies
Out in Palm Springs, California for the next week so I will answer E-Mails and PMs as time persists.
written by hateborne | 1047 Views | 6 Replies
Misc Updates

New spell file available!

  • Heavily lowered the offensive procs on Tserrina's Stonewall (NPC spell, used by Tserrina and Black Priest)
  • Altered Chilled Devil Blessing to hopefully proc normally this time.
  • Altered Mistress of Flame Blessing to proc a particle-free version of Kaldar's Heavenly Fire II (to help with spam).

I am aware of some mobs suddenly dealing HUGE amounts of damage on extremely rare instances. I am looking in to it and will reach out to Akkadius for assistance.
This was related to Shylo's Bolt of Doom using targettype 1 on the spell records. Changed this to 5 (target-only) and Akkadius refreshed the shared memory....fixed. :-)

written by hateborne | 4683 Views | 167 Replies
This topic is LOCKED as the discussion ended. This topic is LOCKED as the discussion ended. This topic is LOCKED as the discussion ended. This topic is LOCKED as the discussion ended. This topic is LOCKED as the discussion ended. This topic is LOCKED as the discussion ended. This topic is LOCKED as the discussion ended. This topic is LOCKED as the discussion ended. This topic is LOCKED as the discussion ended.
T10 Thoughts/Musings

Hello ladies/gents/trolls,

It's Hate again. Just dropping in a new thread to encourage some dialogue and to prove that I've not expired. I am looking for general conversation, dialogue, discussion, etc about what YOU want to see in tier 10. I'm not looking so much at "I want trolls! SO MANY TROLLS!", but more of what you liked/hated about previous tiers or things that you would like to see.

Quick Ground Rules:
  • DO NOT ATTACK OR START A PISSING MATCH. (You are free to disagree with another, but flaming/pissing/bickering for the sake of being argumentative will get your posts deleted)
  • Do not ask for teasers as Love and I will be tight-lipped.

Outside of that, please let the posts fly!

written by Akkadius | 3179 Views | 55 Replies
Due to it being the Holidays and some lingering small issues that have crapped up some peoples play times, I'm enabling Double Loot for the night along with a patch fixing some issues.

I think expeditions are finally completely smoothed over, fixed some things in Abyss and Dranik should update without a hitch, but for crying wolf sakes, I will just say that they are extremely broke, that way your lowered expectations will make them seem not so bad.  Grin

Notable Changes:
  • Expedition lockouts are 22 hours instead of 24 hours
  • Abyss and Dranik now have soft lockouts of 2 hours once committed by killing the first boss in each
  • Folks having issues with tasks updating properly should no longer have those issues
  • Trevius: (RoF2) *Hopefully* Fixed looting incorrect items from NPCs.  Please report any issues!
  • Trevius: (RoF2) Now able to loot items past the 10th slot on NPC corpses.
  • Trevius: Attuned Items can now be auto-looted and will equip properly.
  • Trevius: (RoF2) Aug Type 21 no longer shows the "Buy Now" button in the aug slot of items.
  • Trevius: (RoF2) Identified the "Copied" item flag with the help of Uleat.

written by Akkadius | 1521 Views | 17 Replies
Expeditions - Now Active Once Again!
  • Thanks to all that helped me again troubleshoot expeditions, I think truly have them under wraps.
  • The last post I made, they weren't broken, they simple needed something to be enabled that I forgot to do before I went to bed.
  • However, there are a lot of 'broken' things that I have ran into that ultimately have been addressed in doing all of this, all expedition operations should be very fast and bug free.

Expeditions Functionality Changes
  • When electing a new leader, you do not get a window confirmation
  • The messages that you receive when getting a new expedition have been changed
  • When inviting a player, you no longer get a window confirmation
  • You no longer get the memberlist when initially getting a task, but rather you are prompted to look via #expedition commands if you wish
  • An issue with expedition options that enforced initial entry into the zone were bringing a bunch of players to zone, but some would get left behind, this has been resolved
  • Task Synchronization will happen regardless of the state of a client only during the life of the expedition, so for example you started with 6 players. 1 guy had to go find his dog and logged off, and then came back 45 minutes later and logged back in. He would find that his expedition progress is right up to par with the rest of his crew and that he would be able to join effortlessly and meet them where they are at.
  • Task Updates are cross zone
  • Task Soft Lockouts are implemented now, this is something similar to Live and what they would do. If you committed to a task and you defeat the first boss, you would then get a soft lockout of say 6 hours, that keeps you from simply destroying an instance, but you most ...... Read More
written by Akkadius | 1608 Views | 21 Replies
OK, so. I've pretty much been coding for 9 straight hours with no breaks to deliver this next update that should really seal the deal on what's causing expedition lag, and took care of several other bugs and performance issues along with it. Had to make some source changes to fix our issues: https://github.com/EQEmu/Server/commit/81dfffadf6762bd95515c5d556c6f7bf7569483a

Before you read updates, TLDR version is Expeditions should be lean, mean, stable, bug-free and robust. We will see though, lots of back-end changes have been made.

Expedition Changes
  • When performing #e invite <playername> it will no longer ask for a popup window and will process invitation right away
  • Lockouts will now display regardless of whether or not you are in an expedition with #e lockout
  • The Task Sync code and the data cache system were the two biggest culprits in causing zone hangs with the expedition system being active, I once again made many changes and tested vigorously on a test server with the help of Watchyoudie, Flikr and Madasmash. Watchyoudie stayed up all night and had to truck the next day so thank him the next time you see him, crazy bastard! Thanks everyone else.
  • Some expeditions implemented with the allowing entry on task get, were not sending all players to the instance, this now works properly and only works for members that are in the same zone as the task getter
  • Situations where players not in the zone that received the final task update, not receiving the update are now resolved with players appropriately getting the final task stage update regardless of zone
  • How expedition system data is cached and used has been changed to no longer leverage the qglobal system as it is very non-optimal for this server scale
  • Fixed an issue where the expedition controller for a zone would lose its mind after an ...... Read More
written by Akkadius | 1852 Views | 31 Replies

Double Loot Active NOW Active until Sunday because we started really late and Saturday is king opportunity day considering holidays and such, Double Credits Active until Sunday as well.

Expedition Changes:
  • Mini Dungeon system is now back online! - Lockouts were not properly being checked in the invitation process, this has been addressed. Thanks Warbash for the help with testing.
  • Expedition Invites no longer have a "Are you sure?" window popup prior to sending someone an invitation
  • #e lockouts will now show your active lockouts properly, before it said you had to be in an active expedition:

  • Task Synchronization code has been optimized
  • Many core changes have been made to this system so if you notice anything not working quite right, please report it to this thread please

Server rebooted with new code update
  • Trevius: RoF Aug Issues should be cleared up
  • Trevius and demonstar55: RoF Rez Issues should be cleared up
  • Trevius: RoF cursor buffer should be properly implemented now
  • Trevius: RoF fixed tracking display issue

As well as any other issues that we have had pending they should be good to go. From now on, we will continue to use this thread to manage RoF related issues from here on out because it reflects where things stand from this update out.
written by Akkadius | 5136 Views | 114 Replies
All, I am happy to present with you the latest server source update with a bunch of goodies.

Notable Changes:
  • Many Server Stability fixes and improvements
  • Guilds no longer spam rank on zone in
  • Expeditions disabled temporarily to observe some stability related issues as well as to address some other mechanics, shouldn't be a big deal and fixed soon

Zone Dropping Issue (Fixed):
  • Issue: Originally, people would witness when zoning clients that not all clients would make it and they would hang and/or the client would go (Not Responding) resulting in having to log those clients back in.
  • Root Cause: What is occurring here is when the zone to zone process occurs, the clients connection is passed to another process for handling. This particular process is called world, when this process gets busy, the following has been occurring. When a client zones, and world is processing the zone to zone request, the client will send what's called a OP_SessionRequest, to essentially establish its session again. What has been occurring is that the client will sometimes get impatient and send OP_SessionRequest twice, which world would drop those connections which result in either client crashes or client hangs.
  • Resolved: This issue has been resolved by our coders group and more specifically a private member who wish not be named. We have tested this working 100% for players running box armies of 12+ zoning simultaneously with no zone drops or crashes, this is now running live with the update.

Rain of Fear (2) Steam F2P Client Now Working & Released:
  • Thanks to in majority work by Trevius from the ...... Read More
written by hateborne | 2197 Views | 35 Replies
Mini Dungeons Locked Temporarily!

Right now, due to heavy abuse and severe issues with lockouts not being upheld....all mini dungeons will be unavailable. Anyone entering a minidungeon after reboot will be logged while the minis are down. Exploiters, consider yourself warned.

We will try to get them up ASAP. T7 mini is ready, just waiting on lockout rewrite for it to go live. :-)

written by hateborne | 4277 Views | 44 Replies
Status Update!

Ok ladies/gents/trolls,

Love and I are working on hammering out the T7 mini dungeon. We will likely be grabbing people to test Sunday afternoon (~5pm EST). If you are interested in testing, LET US KNOW BY POSTING HERE. As always, small one-time rewards given for good testers that give us good feedback (clarification: good feedback = "this broke when I do this", good feedback is not brown nosing...). Realistically looking to have it ready for release by Monday.

After that, we're going to work on T10. I cannot guarantee a release before Christmas, but that's my ridiculously impossible goal that I'm setting. :-)


EDIT: Due to a sick puppy, our test time and date for today (Sunday) are pretty much shot. Those above my post below will still get the item as we failed to meet our testing window. We will try to get it resolved and testable by tomorrow around the same time for those still able. Sorry and thank you!

EDIT 2: Testing went well! Love and I will wrap up the adjustments this evening and try to have it working by late evening or tomorrow morning with reboot. :-)
written by hateborne | 4729 Views | 92 Replies
DPS Comparisons and Parses

I've been seeing a bit of OOC about caster DPS being not equal, monk DPS being too high, etc etc etc. So....let's make it public and discuss what is truly weak and what is just hearsay.

  • Use GamParse to parse 10 minute fights. Anything less is subject to high or low randoms, anything more may be too big for GamParse to handle. (Link at bottom)
  • Post a basic oversight of the DPS (GamParse can do this automagically).
  • Pet DPS can be visually separated from pet owners, but pet class DPS is the sum of the pet melee & procs + caster spells and procs.
  • Post relevant gear/buff info (Ultimate Charm rank, special gear/items/halloween-pets, all equipped aug ranks, and all buffs going).

Once we have enough information, any glaring deficiencies or explosive gains will be addressed in a VERY open and VERY logical fashion. (No knee-jerk-nerfbats!)


GamParse ( https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzdPtSifsCeQYkxOTWdjLTYwYnM/view?usp=sharing )
written by Loveborne | 1240 Views | 3 Replies
11/14/14 Updates

  • Coral bosses should stop spawning under ground in the T5 mini dungeon.
  • Timeless Vampiric Thunder I & II will now mass group buff properly.
  • All ports to Stonehive should now be consistently arriving at one location.

Lastly: Chilled Devil caster proc should be working with reboot.

written by Akkadius | 9490 Views | 259 Replies
Welcome all Goblins, Witches, Zombies, Ghosts and whoever you are!

Today we celebrate Halloween 2014, the first year without Hunter and we're going to try and live it up and make him smile.

We have an initial launch of events and we plan to do more events throughout the Week.

"Firstly, new spell file available.

With this year, we are trying something slightly different. We are making use of a neat zone, courtesy of Akkadius and an unnamed conspirator. The bosses will be in this zone only, barring shenanigans. With 6am reboot, the zone will go live and will be reachable via Mr.Halloween in Nexus and Stone Hive.

As for the rest, that's up to you ladies/gents/trolls to figure out.  Cool

-Love and Hate
(Probably Akkadius too, but we can't sign for him...that's forgery)"


Read More
written by Akkadius | 1363 Views | 5 Replies
The EZ Server Magelo is now operational again.

The response times are not favorable in my performance eye, but it has everything to do with the hosting and its remote connection to the actual EZ server database itself. Either way it should be most definitely usable.

Either way, it works fine for people looking to view it for their needs.

I may look at changing our hosting situation in the future or having some web-services hosted locally with the other servers but it is not something that I wanted to do as I wanted the web services hosted away from the server for obvious reasons. I will be changing the Magelo hosting situation for sure, I will update when I know more. You can currently create signatures but I would not recommend using them currently until I get things changed up.

For those wondering, I've been very busy with week days and working on house construction on the weekends but my schedule should be freeing up and I will be back for making some things happen with EZ.




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