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written by Akkadius | 1441 Views | 76 Replies
The server code has finally landed!

  • I'm super tired so I will try to make this quick.
  • EZ's Database engine has successfully migrated to MariaDB from MySQL. The same action that Wikipedia, Facebook, Google and many other large corporations have been taking as their premier database engine of choice because of its speed/features and open source nature.


The source code changes offer many stability changes, fixes and overall great speed increases.

  • The process logging that the server has been using has been eliminated, this bogged down all of the zone servers and you should notice that things are overall super snappy from all the changes.
  • Many bug fixes and exploits have been patched out, for a full list see the 2nd post in this thread.
  • As usual, if you notice any issues, please report them here on the forums.

Known Issues
  • Some AA's might be missing, if this is the case we either will be putting them back in or making existing AA's available for those classes once again. A clean slate of AA's had to be inserted because of some AA crashes.

The train limit on instances has been completely lifted.

Special thanks to Secrets for helping out with the update!

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written by hateborne | 524 Views | 3 Replies
Updates 04-16-14

With reboot, the following will occur:

  • NPCs from QVIC/cazicthule will have a good bit less AC.
  • NPCs from PoD (minibosses/bosses) through Anguish will have progressively increasing amounts of AC.
  • Temple of Veeshan trash mobs saw a 20% AC drop.
  • Temple of Veeshan bosses saw a 25% AC drop.
  • Mob Regeneration has been increased/decreased* on all NPCs in the game.
  • Tier Dropped Weapons saw white damage doubled.

The AC per tier was mostly everywhere. Some tiers were exactly the same (PoD-Abyss), while others had almost none (Anguish, 100ac per mob), and some had too bloody much (Veeshan, OC). This has been normalized and will provide slightly more durable mobs each tier.

HP regeneration on NPCs is VERY inconsistent. To make this more streamlined, non-warrior NPCs now get 1% of their total HP regenerated per tick. Warrior class NPCs will get 2% of their total HP regenerated per tick. Higher end mobs will see a fairly steep loss from this change, mid tiered npcs (t2-t5) will see mixed results (mostly increases), and some mobs will see regeneration for the first time (potime through qvic). Certain boss NPCs may fall outside of this general rule (for added challenge). Otherwise, remember 1% for non-warriors, 2% for warriors as the rule of thumb.

Lastly, to prepare for the UW changes and to help balance out these immediate changes...I've DOUBLED the white damage on the tier dropped weapons. They were already 20-100% better than class epics...now doubly so. :-D

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written by Akkadius | 505 Views | 2 Replies
Server Software Update

Some of you already know this has been happening. Unfortunately it is not as simple as running 'Windows Update' and restarting the server. I have started up the test server again (It is at the bottom of the list). There have been a few issues that need to be tested and some more data presented regarding healing/damage spells so I can address what the issue is with them. Otherwise I have confidence that 90% of the update should go smooth and have put in a ton of work to make sure it does. It helps us move forward as a server and provide overall a smoother experience for all. Once we have figured those issues out we can launch the update Live, planned for the 18th, THIS FRIDAY. So PLEASE, give it your attention if you have the time. Thank you testers for all of your hard work, individuals like yourself keep this community strong.

Double EZ Credit and Double Loot Weekend (25th-28th (Fr Morning - Mon Morning))

For those who didn't get the opportunity to schedule their time off for the last weekend that happened very quickly to us all, I am hoping to land this weekend off given that we have gotten through all of the code issues from the Server Software Updates, if you can please help us and make sure the testing this weekend/week is done and we work through the remaining issues so that we can without a doubt kick this off. More details about this soon...

Ultimate Weapon Discussion

Most of you already are aware of this discussion, please keep following and contributing here until we come to a compromising solution. There has been a lot of great thoughts and perspectives and ...... Read More
written by hateborne | 3888 Views | 179 Replies
Ultimate Weapon Discussion

Here it is ladies and gents, the discussion you've all been PM'ing me for and spamming me with tells over. You can all finally post your thoughts, feelings, feedback, and trolling.

Rules of this discussion: KEEP IT FOCUSED, NO S--- SLINGING, NO INSULTING.

I've been given many "solutions" by you ladies/gents. To be fair, some of them are so far out in left field that they may as well be political campaign speeches (insofar as transparent goals from the prettied speech). A few of them were very rational. Lastly, two of them were utterly hilarious (while simultaneously insulting).

What we need is to come together and figure out a solution that we can all (or mostly) agree upon.

After spending a long time trying to decide how to handle this situation, my suggested solution is this:

  • Bring UWs' HP down to ~3x the HP of the matching tier's tank weapon (i.e. UW5 would be equivalent to Abyss, so ~75k HP)
  • Bring UWs' damage down ~5x to matching tier's DPS weapon (i.e. UW5 would be, again, equivalent to Abyss, so ~5000-6000)
  • Adjust UW Procs to match the weapons again.
  • Flesh out the UW Augs (proc, focus, click, and stat [replacing worn aug slot]) to allow players to build their Ultimate Weapons to be unique feeling ultimate WEAPONS (not be-all, end-all weapon).
  • Fix T8 and T9 to be less...ridiculous
  • Fix resists across the server as a result of these adjustments

The UW augs that I'm looking at could be a variety of things. I'm looking at adding back an AoE click, defensive click, snap aggro click, a twincast click, and (potentially) a swarm pet click. Procs ...... Read More
written by hateborne | 401 Views | 2 Replies
8.0 Class Pets buffed with reboot.
Old Commons locked down until further notice.

Upon building the 9.0 pets I realized that by some unknown cause that the 8.0 pets were never scaled up. The 8.0 pets were merely 7.0 pets with a new skin. With the reboot, the 8.0 pets will be more worthy.

Old Commons is being locked down temporarily while numerous things are evaluated. The damage was left in "beta" mode by Hunter and needs to be scaled appropriately. I do not currently have an ETA but I (along with Loveborne) will be working furiously to get it corrected.

More details as they are relevant and made available.

written by Akkadius | 1294 Views | 28 Replies
Server Code Update and Testing

Much preparation has taken place to make sure that EZ's Server code base that it runs on upgrades smoothly in the past few weeks. I've been spending time in the background making preparations with what I learned from the testing a few weekends ago.

Saturday the EZ Server will have a test copy at the bottom of the Loginserver. I encourage anyone who is willing to help test the server out to find any possible crashes and issues with spells or abilities that are not of the expected norm. Any abnormalities to be reported here on the forums so they can be addressed. Many of the crash issues we witnessed a few weekends ago have been addressed and we are ready for another round.

We're looking at almost a years worth of updates, of which consist of very core optimizations to server performance, Spells and Abilities implementations as well as many other features. I will list a change-log for those who are interested in the technical details.

The reason why this testing stage is necessary is so we can ensure a Live update goes a smooth as possible. Once we have been able to gracefully make this move we will announce a double loot weekend to follow (Specific time will be announced at that time).

Hunter's Family

I've been in contact with Isa (Hunter's wife) almost every day for the past few weeks. She has been struggling dearly with recent events but through support of those in contact with her including myself have been trying our best to keep her spirits up. She has been given a portion of the money the community has graciously contributed and I am going to be making another trip to give her some more so she can take care of some things she needs to for Simon.

The Original Server Hardware

The original server hardware that ...... Read More
written by hateborne | 588 Views | 3 Replies
Miscellaneous Updates!

  • Buff Bot and pets now handle buff casting differently. This change means that low levels get longer buffs and high levels get shorter buffs. It will also mean higher levels no longer have scattered buff timers.
  • Buff Bot and pet buffing will now buff BOTH THE PLAYER AND THE PET. (rock on summoned ones!)
  • Pets will no longer display Fireblade v2 if the Ornate War Sword (OWS) can be summoned.
  • Mage Pets will now prompt the mage if it should automatically wear it's summoned necklace. (Yes, if you simply own the spell in your spellbook you can equip it via pet menu without summoning for yourself!)
  • Shaman Epic Protection buffs are now named "Ancestral Honor X.Y" (i.e. Ancestral Honor 3.5).
  • Rogue Epic Daggerfall buffs are now simply named "Daggerfall" with the associated roman numeral.
  • Shadow Knight Epic Harmtouch is now "Shadowknight Harm Touch" with associated numbering.

written by hateborne | 392 Views | 0 Replies
Starting April 15th if you just hand an NPC some random, expensive/powerful item that is not associated with the NPC and his/her quests, you will NOT be refunded the item.

Ladies and Gents,

I'm bloody sick of getting emails from people saying they've handed in some extremely valuable item to some random NPC for no reason I can figure out. It's 2-5 people a day sending me emails like this. Let me try to make this perfectly clear with the statement above.

Akkadius and I are here to maintain the server, continue to provide a sandbox to play in, and bring you ladies and gents a good time for free. What we are NOT here to do is babysit you and hold your hand for every accident you make. If you want to randomly hand NPCs your valuable items, you will start learning the value in double checking before you hit Ok. If a script fails or a quest NPC fails, this is a different case (read: our fault) and reimbursement will be handled ASAP.

written by hateborne | 552 Views | 2 Replies
The Level Up Wench has been completely rewritten.

This was done to facilitate more thorough checking, fixing some bypass bugs, and allowing much easier content additions. The script has been reduced to half the size and does much more.

Pro: It will more accurately track progress via flags & NO LONGER CHECKS JEWELRY/ACCESSORIES ON ANY TIER.
Con: It will actually check for 7 tiered gear pieces and matching tier epic or augment.

Tier 2 -> Tier 3/4: Will check all armor pieces (since we KNOW you will have a 3.0 then).
Tier 3/4 -> Tier 5: T4 armor pieces and 4.0 epic or augment.
Tier 5 -> Tier 6: T5 armor pieces and 5.0 epic or augment.
Tier 6 -> Tier 7: T6 armor pieces and 6.0 epic or augment.
Tier 7 -> Tier 8: T7 armor pieces and 7.0 epic or augment.
Tier 8 -> Tier 9: T8 armor pieces and 8.0 epic or augment.
Tier 9 -> Tier 10: Are you a GM?

If anyone runs into an issue or has problems with this, please let me (Hateborne) know ASAP via ingame message, PM, or email (Hateborne@gmail.com).



EDIT: Added Level Up Wench to QRG, Caster's Guild, and Fighter's Guild.
written by hateborne | 1520 Views | 27 Replies
With tonight's reboot (3/30/14 6:00 AM EST), the new class augment system will be live!

It's finally here. After hearing/seeing me spout off about it, the thing is finally here. Starting with Epic 3.0 and above turn-ins will result in the "class augment" of your respective class. Examples can be found below in the bullet list.

Essentially, the upgrade process will go like this: Take your current epic weapon and the next Completed Augment Book to the Epic Vendor. Turn both in to receive your <ClassGoesHere> Class Augment X.Y from him. (i.e. I turn in my Staff of Phenomenal Power 3.0 and Completed Augment Book 3.5 for Wizard Class Augment 3.5). I can then take my 3.5 augment and place it in ANY tiered weapon drop (PoD weapons, HoH, or even Temple Veeshan).

Noteworthy Changes:
  • Epic Books/Pages above 2.5 are named "Augment Books" or "Augment Pages".
  • Any weapon swaps (1H for 2H or 2H for 1H) at or above 3.0 will result in the augment form as the swap result
  • Epic Vendor will spam a pop-up if you get near him with an Incomplete Augment Book.
  • Plane of Dragons (postorms) has 3.0 weapons for free if you turn in an epic for an augment, but have no weapon to slot it.
  • Each tiered zone (T1+) contains at LEAST 1 special item that breaks the bounds of the tier's stat restrictions.
  • Epic Vendor will handle 8.0 exchanges (both 1h->2h and 7.0 + scale for 8.0)
  • Warriors no longer have a two handed version of their epic!

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written by Akkadius | 402 Views | 0 Replies
Server is back up!
written by Akkadius | 444 Views | 1 Reply
  • Magelo is now up and operational once again.
  • The Character mover link inside the Magelo will now link to the active Magelo.
  • Players were having some issues with the character mover working and that is now corrected.

Let me know if you find anything out of the ordinary.

written by Akkadius | 670 Views | 5 Replies
The server had some issues with what I believe is time synchronization issues. Hate and I issued a reboot and everything seems to be fine now.

I took the opportunity to sneak in a large amount of Database caching and optimizations that should greatly increase performance throughout all aspects of the server.

Please let us know if you find any issues as a result of this.


written by hateborne | 314 Views | 0 Replies
Worldserver connection was lost, mass disconnects, and then zone crashes.

We are restarting the server to ensure a clean boot.

Server up and kicking!

written by hateborne | 796 Views | 12 Replies
EQEMU gents are doing some domain shuffling (no, not a truffle shuffle).

You can get in by setting your eqhost.txt to:

If that fails, try ipconfig /flushdns

If that fails:

written by hateborne | 1355 Views | 26 Replies
Spell file 3-22-14 now available.

  • Holy Knight Strike had it's threat reduction removed.
  • MASSIVE epic effect revisions. Any ability found on epics 5.0 are pretty much uniform across lower ranks (down to 3.0 or 3.5). Renamed numerous abilities from "Epic - Bard -- One Man Band 5.0" to "One Man Band III" (or something similar)
  • SK 2h weapons have been renamed 'Innoruuk's Cold Hatred'
  • Enchanter Epic Pet spell line name has been renamed 'Enchanted Animation'
  • Mage Epic Pet spell line name has been renamed 'Cosmic Avatar'
  • Beast Epic Pet spell line name has been renamed 'Feral Companion'
  • Necro Epic Pet spell line name has been renamed 'Wicked Creation'
  • All true pets above epic 3.5 have baked in 10% block/dodge/parry chance to their Stonewalls.

written by hateborne | 459 Views | 0 Replies

As you may have already seen in T7 and T8 (or from those in said tiers), T7 and T8 are pretty much all augments. Hunter and I were planning on reworking all epics from 3.0+ to match this scheme. As a positive result, players would have significantly more variety in weapon type/damage/appearance. As an interesting side note, the same weapons may not be available each tier. The first planned updates thread (nicknamed 'On the Warpath'), is nearing completion of it's listed "Very Soon" updates. The next stage is to work on the "Bit Later" updates (this being one of them). I am imploring you all to take time to flip through the threads below and post feedback. I will be adjusting the HP levels across all tiers (as they are currently inconsistent and (sometimes) less powerful than the previous tier).

tl;dr - Please read/skim through and post on the following threads. Specifically, the one about epic effects as this will touch EVERYONE.


written by Akkadius | 916 Views | 7 Replies
Double Loot Weekend is now active!

50% off EZ Reward credits are available until Monday. Paypal via this link: http://akkadius.com/akkadius/EZ_Rewards.html - I will send you an E-Mail to the E-Mail tied to your Paypal with your CD Key. It may take me a while to respond to submissions. Thanks everyone for their help!

In-Game E-Mail links and windows have been updated.

Private instance trains have been raised to 100, public instances remain the same at 15 for now.

New Server!
For those who want to know we are now on the following specs:
  • 2,000 Mbps (2Gbps) Up/Down Datacenter connection
  • 24GB RAM
  • 3 x 15.7k SAS - RAID5
  • 2.9Ghz x 2 Xeon

Have had several reports of things all around being much more responsive. Should make for a smooth double loot weekend!

written by Akkadius | 886 Views | 12 Replies

Here is the state of affairs:
  • Yesterday as some of you know, Hunter's dad was cleaning the house and unplugged the server from the wall. So we had to wait for a good portion of the day for on site help to arrive to press a key to get the server online. The server was recovered and I attempted a really slow and painful port of the server, but we ran into issues right away that it was far too late in the day for me to sit down and work through them as I had to leave work (At 11PM)
  • I've decided to take a separate approach as to where our destination server will reside. This may be temporary, this could be longer. But either way we are sitting on really good hardware and internet connection that will sustain this server no problem and for the high bursts in population it will recieve when we do double loot this weekend.
  • Secrets, Hateborne and I will be conducting a series of tests on the destination server to make sure that original functionality is up to par with what we're seeing with the original server. Last night we had issues with group invites and a few other things that I spotted myself, things that will require us to take time to troubleshoot why such simple and trivial things decided to throw fits when spinning up the new server. Something that should have not taken very much time, ended up being a hassle - but we will work through it.

  • There has been some pretty amazing support from everyone. This has been much appreciated, this 50% off credits campaign will end Sunday, the 16th.
  • Once the dusts settles I will be working on sending Hunter's wife some money so she can sustain. I've not been in touch with her but Basher certainly has through this tough time.

  • Read More
written by hateborne | 4441 Views | 111 Replies

I bring to you the first "Planned Updates" thread. These will be kind of a springboard for driving content innovation. We'll try to post these with some regularity, but there is no set date/pattern yet as it's obviously all brand new. The lists do not convey any form of importance by order, merely a list of items in no general order.

Very Soon:
  • Necro "Death" Spell and Quest Line
  • Consistent, Tiered Platinum Gains  DONE
  • Overthere PVP Tweaking ON HOLD
  • (Almost) New Currency Introduction  DONE
  • TOFS Tiered Platinum Gains (for real this time)  DONE
  • T8 Hand-to-Hand Item Created/Added  DONE
  • T8 HP Values  DONE
  • T7 Wandering Trader made static with 100% uptime  DONE
  • Spell Fixes  DONE
  • Raise HoH Token Drop Rate  DONE
  • MCP Lottery Turn In  DONE*

Bit Later:
  • Epic 3.0+ Aug Conversions  DONE
  • T9 Spells/Epic Augs

Very Soon, Detailed:
1 ) Necro "Death" Spell and Quest Line - More to come, no spoilers. ;-)
2 ) DONE: Plat has been added to T1/T2 bosses & minibosses, T3/T4 spawned bosses in airplane, and MUCH better t8 plat bag drops.
3 ) Overthere could potentially be a lot of fun, but right now it's kind of a weighted scale type of thing.
4 ) ...... Read More
written by Akkadius | 1624 Views | 28 Replies
Thank you Basher for your post, thank you EZ players for your grace. I not only feel obligated to move this server forward, but to preserve the vision that is EZ with everyone's help. We won't be able to do this without everyone's help, so we all definitely appreciate it.

If anyone has any questions or concerns please feel free to PM me.

Some things I would like to get taken care of right away.

  • The ezserveronline.com domain is expiring in 14 days (23rd) and Basher will be working on getting that extended so the website stays up
  • The changes that will need to be made from a content perspective will be getting organized by Hateborne, see http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=4197.msg53441;topicseen#new
  • The server itself will be undergoing some moves, but should remain minimally impacted from the perspective of players. We will need to take the current hardware that resides at Hunter's house and refit it from the tower server that it sits right now, to a rack-able server that will go into the new data-center that I look over.
  • Crabthewall, the person who originally donated the hardware that EZ runs on today has graciously contacted us and has volunteered any help necessary to make sure the health of the server continues on. He has also volunteered to take care of the transition of the hardware from tower to rack server but we will need to raise funding for shipping, the rack chassis and the shipping back to our data-center.

With this in mind, we will end up running an EZ funding campaign that Basher has agreed and advised that we run to make sure we can make this happen sooner than ...... Read More
written by Basher | 911 Views | 17 Replies

I want to first thank this community for your support. This has been an extremely difficult time and myself and Hunter's family are extremely moved by all of the kind words.

I mentioned earlier that plans were in place to keep the server going. Over the last week I have thought long and hard about this and spoken with key contributors over the years. These are my goals. I want to make sure that the server has a solid hosting environment and hardware is equal or grater than what was provided in the past.  I also want to make sure that work continues to improve the server with additional content and features that are aligned with how Hunter and I have done things in the past.

Over the past 8 years it took the combined efforts of Hunter and I to create EZ server and all of the content that you have enjoyed playing. My role in particular was behind the scenes doing design work, brainstorming, providing checks and balances about new features, noobie quests, selecting models, populating the raid zones (Time, Qvic, Anguish, Dragons, Gods, Abyss, etc), adding gear, etc.  In addition to my help many people have assisted us along the way to add feature enhancements like instances, new spells, etc. I've selected two of those outstanding individuals to help me drive this server forward.

Akkadius - Many of you know Akkadius from his work on EQEMU and hosting services. Over the years he has assisted EZ server with code updates, bug fixes and feature enhancements. He will be taking over as the server host, GM, and admin of the EZ server.

Hatebourne - Hate has been of great assistance to Hunter helping drive new content over the past couple of years. He will continue his role as a GM and will be the lead designer of new content. Together with Akkadius they will be the two key drivers of new content and features moving forward.

Basher (Me)  - I will continue to be behind the scenes ...... Read More
Print article Mar 01 2014 Hunter
written by Basher | 2034 Views | 3 Replies
Dear Players,

I am deeply saddened to inform you that Hunter (Aaron) the GM and founder of the EZ server has passed away. My deepest condolences go out to his family, wife, son and to this community which he built and cared for.

Steps will be taken to preserve the EZ server and keep it online indefinitely. I will report back later once final decisions have been made.  

Thank you so much for everything you have done to help turn this small project that Aaron and I started 8 years ago into the strong community that it is today.

If you wish to donate to his family I will provide instructions at a later time. Please do not continue to send emails directly to his address as we do not have access at this time.

Thank you,

EDIT: I received an email from Aaron's wife. She said that she was able to read through what we have posted and it made her cry. She was surprised at how happy he made us as a GM/Developer. Your thoughts/prayers/wishes are being seen by her and she thanks you for them.

written by Hunter | 1824 Views | 21 Replies

Several people brought to my attention how fast essences were in T7 by adding last 2 bosses in the chain to have 100% chance to have essence, so I've edited it to be a rare chance instead of 100% chance. The regular essence boss still drops 100% chance in T7.


Edited final essence boss to drop 3 random types of Veeshan scales. You might get one of each or maybe some repeats, its all chance. This should help make things faster for both UCv3 and for Epic Augs.


Players that zone out of the pvp zone will no longer have the graphic bug of red name until their 2nd time zoning. Should now have a blue name immediately after having left a pvp zone.

Also players that camped out in a pvp zone, will have a blue name when they come back, and turn red again after 30 seconds. This allows players to zone in and get situated before getting attacked.


I need to figure out a system for how much money drops per tier. As we already know, its pretty random and some zones have better rates of platinum than others. Already adjusted npc levels to be 1 level higher than players in current tier. So will do something similar for the plat, make a system or method for it, that gives better and better money per tier. Haven't made it yet, but thinking on working on that soon.


Still have a bunch of emails in my inbox to catch up on, mostly suggestions. I also see the post players are making with suggestions. Will work on them 1 by 1 as I can.

Thanks for feed back as always.
written by Hunter | 1037 Views | 12 Replies
Might be moving server location today. If it goes down then shouldn't take long until its back up, maybe an hour.

Just heads up, don't have much details than that.

Thanks for understanding.




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