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written by hateborne | 818 Views | 16 Replies
Looking for Parses!

I am trying to gather accurate understandings of each class. Short of me spawning and gearing out EVERY class with EVERY combination of gear, I would like some help! Would prefer thoses T7-T9, but all are welcome. T10 will be slightly...'off' due to the new damage scaling.

Below is an example of what I'm looking for:
Druidxxx - 78 Druid, UCv3, Mana Necklace XI, full Old Commons gear.
DMG: 244092490 @ 1025599 sdps (1025599 dps in 238s) [100%]

Character name, level, class, relevant gear, DPS, and total fight time. Color highlighting entirely optional, i just want that specific info. :-D

written by hateborne | 1077 Views | 18 Replies
Two Minis Reopened!

The Catacombs of Dranik and the Bloodmoon Temple are both open for business again. It should be mentioned that they have changed the way they function to better accommodate EZ's playstyle (and to because I'm tired of them being exploited).

Firstly, they are no longer daily. That means one can spam run them over and over.
Secondly, the drop rate has been normalized to that of the matching tier(s). There are some areas that the minis are an improvement, some areas where it's on par. I'll leave that to you ladies/gents/trolls to figure out.
Finally, the berry reward amount has been SLIGHTLY reduced (Dranik from 10 to 8, Bloodmoon from 5 to 4) and the reward costs have gone up ~15%. Given that berries are no longer locked to daily (....for those not abusing the system), this was a logical step.

As an odd "bonus", this technically makes ANOTHER place one could farm up charms. A higher level could hammer though fairly quickly, which MAY be more beneficial than other zones.

written by hateborne | 1412 Views | 25 Replies
Botter Suspended!

Found another one. This one had a script automatically sending each character from mob to mob, looting as it went.

Reminder: THIS IS NOT OK!

I'll be preparing the queries to HEAVILY set the player back for doing this. As always, the gory details will be made public but the player(s) name will be redacted.

Print article Dec 21 2015 Donations
written by Akkadius | 605 Views | 3 Replies
Due to influx of private messages and requests, and considering I normally open things up during the Holidays, donations will be fulfilled through the end of the year and are currently open.

Double credits will be live on Thursday and Friday for Christmas Eve/Christmas

Have a Merry Christmas and safe holidays everyone.
written by Loveborne | 3309 Views | 74 Replies
Hate and myself have made you a Christmas event... however, something went very wrong in the process.

The goblins have gotten in our way, again. I am afraid there is nothing we can do to help.

Please, enjoy whatever festivities the goblins will allow!

Merry Christmas!

-Love and Hate
written by hateborne | 836 Views | 8 Replies
New Spell File and Angry Nerds Augment Changes!

First, new spell file is available. I highly suggest everyone redownload the EZ Server Files too as a lot has changed over the last month. If you have not updated within the last week or so, please do so! I know most don't commonly update it, as there is no reason to do so. Consider this your front-page reminder. :-D

Second, Angry Nerds (AN) augments have been changed up to better fit the new augment system. The breakdown is as follows:

(Level Req / Type) AN# = Source
(69/ST) AN1 = Fighter's Guild Vendor
(69/AOE) AN2 = QVIC / CT Drop
(71/ST) AN3 = Crafted (PoD components or AN2 x 2)
(71/AOE) AN4 = Crafted (AN3 x 3)
(75/ST) AN5 = Crafted (AN4 x 4)
(75/AOE) AN6 = Crafted (AN5 x 5)

I am aware some of them still drop, I'll track them down and update this post. Additionally, the values are NOT set in stone. Before the sh**storm starts, keep in mind I can literally change them on the fly and you will only need to zone to see them "updated". Overall, AoE ranks saw a damage increase and now have "randomized" damage rolls. PLEASE keep feedback vaguely useful. Simply crying with no suggestion on fixing or improving will be ignored.

written by hateborne | 512 Views | 7 Replies
New spell file available!

Mostly fixes for T10 effects. Specifically: Orcish Brashness ACTUALLY has the HP bonus now. It is intended to be -15% healing received, +20% max HP.

written by hateborne | 304 Views | 0 Replies
Hello EZ Denizens,

Just checking in to let a lot of you know that we have not expired, quit, or otherwise 'left' EZ in any fashion. Loveborne and I have been dealing with some nonsense on the non-virtual side of things. With it finally out of the way, we're going to be back to full steam ahead later tonight or tomorrow. :-)

-Love and Hate
written by hateborne | 6313 Views | 144 Replies
Post-T10 Grocery List!

Yes, T10 is finally out and nearly bug free. It's time to dump most of the upcoming things to look at, adjust, improve, add, etc etc. I'm breaking this up into two sections. Projects are either actual large undertakings or somewhat short undertakings with HUGE gains for everyone (quality of life improvements). Classes are obviously class related changes. The class section will contain archetype like changes (i.e. pet classes, tanks, etc). Finally, not everything here is final or even going in at all. Most of it will go in, most of it will see some level of change before implementation, and most of them are genuinely here to improve the gameplay for all.

REMINDER: Sh*tposting or QQstorms without any actual argument/contribution will be outright deleted. I am expecting heated debates, I just want them to stay debates and not turn into insult wars or QQ storms...as they often do.

  • Downsize augment footprint
  •   ONE strike aug per weapon
  •   TWO augs per armor (1 HP, 1 Resist)
  • Fix/Improve Existing ‘Minis’
  • Convert the Ring of the Ages turn-in to bulk friendly.
  • Add more ranged items to all tiers!
  • Update ALL gear's loretags to uniform (Zone Type Specifics, i.e. Sunderock Armor Plate Chest or Sunderock Weapon Dagger)
  • Add global, rare spawns worth camping
  • SLS alternatives in tiered zones
  • Convert QVIC, Plane of Dragons (T1/T2), Halls of Honor (T3) to scripted loots over loottable
  • Convert all lowbie zones to scripted loot over loottables
  • Reduce stonewall to global max of 35-40%, reduce mob damage accordingly starting at ...... Read More
written by hateborne | 3226 Views | 59 Replies
Strike Augment Changes!

These changes are live. All augs should be type 22 for proc'ing, 24 for HP, 25 for anything else (resists, mana, hp regen, mana regen, etc). If you find items that are not this way, PLEASE REPORT THEM IN THIS THREAD. A lot of augs were lost in the process and I spent two hours trying to save literally every one that I could. There will be a small (TEMPORARY) cost reduction very soon for those wishing to get caught up.

For those wondering about augments, the base damage on all augments has been increase by 3x (300%) and the "create three augments for a single T7 augment" crap is gone. You simply transition from rank 8 to rank 9 with the formulas. I'm posting this public sheet again as in-game books are broken on RoF2 still and I do not have time to fumble with updating them currently.


NEW SPELLFILE IS AVAILABLE! Also, recipes should be turned back on now.

Additionally, if you have problems, email hateborne@gmail.com with character name and SPECIFICS. Emails of "I lost an aug on SoandSo" (WITH NOTHING ELSE...yes, I get these) will be laughed at and deleted. If you can't put forth effort to request help, I can't bother to return effort.

written by hateborne | 585 Views | 4 Replies
Item Loss/Reimbursement Reminder!

This is a brief reminder that items eaten by the server or lost through failure of the code/scripts involved is MY fault and MY responsibility to replace. Items lost through negligence, haste, or "friend playing your account" are YOUR responsibility to replace. Further, harassing and threatening me when you don't get your way will result in a suspension. I work for free and I'm not your digital nanny, mommy, or 'undo' button.

Rules: http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=8.0

Thank You! :-D

written by hateborne | 1777 Views | 48 Replies
EZ Augment Changes!

Tonight, I changed the way gearing augments work. (Nearly) ALL armor/accessories from QVIC to T10 have one type-24 slot and one type-25 slot. I moved everything in augslot2 to augslot1, then augslot3 into augslot2, then erased the augs in slot 3 and 4.

YES...you likely lost augments.

Amazing News: Resist augs are worth 300% more resists (yes, 3x their previous value). This makes gearing up resists much less terrible. It removes the aug dance crap too. I have scaled up the Leaf of Vitality, the T5 and T7 HP augments, and working to retroactively convert ALL of the LDON augments to the new system.

The point of such a confusing and radical change is to make EZ's gearing augment experience UNIFORM. Some of you were doing the aug dance, in an older client, just to make do. It's easier to simply remove the need for the aug dance altogether.

WARNING: Those of you with HUGE resist values by having Resist Augments in random slots, remove them by Thursday morning or lose them. I'll be running a fairly taxing query Thursday morning (~3am early) to remove hundreds of augments in this fashion. Overall, most players that are ignoring this will still (mostly) see net gains or tiny, tiny drops.

Please post comments/concerns in this thread. Thanks!

written by hateborne | 707 Views | 9 Replies
T10 is live!

Sunderock Springs, EZ's 10th tier, will be available during the early afternoon. Due to various zone crashes, bug fix detours, dev box going down for windows updates (*shakefist at Akkadius*), and my oversight of forgetting to create T10 accessories...it's early afternoon release instead of "with reboot".

It is live NOW!

New spell file is available that IS required for Sunderock Springs.

To clear up some common questions immediately and watch the sh**storm hit category five, here is what you need to know about T10.

  • You will die often.
  • Only T10 is *NOT* instanced.
  • Unsurprisingly, respawns, in certain areas, can be especially brutal.
  • Well...you will die a lot.
  • In certain ambush areas, they have VERY short timers (as little at 10min).
  • Like one could guess, a few mobs may prove exceptionally durable, but have semi-hidden weaknesses.
  • LoL, you will consider binding all keys to glove-click rezz.
  • Don't think your UW alone will let you train pull in here.
  • If you think your undergeared DPS won't take dirt naps, you are sadly mistaken as AoE damage is back with a vengeance.
  • Entering T10, the quests seem daunting, but are not as terribly as first glance would indicate.

Additionally, there are currently two hidden quests, with four more needing T10 opened to be 'unlocked'. Lastly, read the first letter of each bullet point.

Print article Nov 07 2015 Weekend
written by Akkadius | 692 Views | 6 Replies
Hey guys, just posting a few notes.

  • Double Loot and Halloween - Enabled until Sunday morning again, the intention for this was to stress test the server since we moved back to our rack server
  • If the server reaches 800+ players, I will turn on triple loot for the remainder until Sunday morning
  • Donations will be closed up Sunday, get them in before they're done
  • Server is extremely stable at this point

written by hateborne | 1694 Views | 26 Replies
T10 Goes Live Friday the 13th

Yes, that is correct. No, you didn't misread it. T10 will be live on Friday the 13th for all. Thanks to the massive improvement made by Akkadius, I can continue the final stages of T10 before releasing it.

The zone is huge, the time investment will be similar to T5, but the sheer scale of the encounters make it awesome. I highly, HIGHLY advise you bring friends. ;-)

Print article Nov 04 2015 Wednesday
written by Akkadius | 538 Views | 6 Replies
Today I will be shutting off DL as expected, EZ Server will be moved from my desktop back to its rightful place in the server rack.

I've made a tremendous amount of performance related changes and on top of that fixed issues on the server end and now is the true test to see if the server will still continue to have issues. Some of those you can see here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/EQEmu/Server/master/changelog.txt

This is my ask for you guys to keep your eyes peeled in regards to lag issues that could come back up, if we experience issues again I will have to evaluate the next step, but we should be good to go.

Halloween will be shut off as well.

I may re-enabled DL for Friday or Saturday as well to stress things on the server again but we will have to see.

written by Akkadius | 1151 Views | 16 Replies
Since I've had to repeat myself several times, yes there are server issues that need to be figured out. Yes they are painful, yes I've been in Italy on vacation for two weeks without adequate time to troubleshoot anything.

I get back tonight and I will be figuring things out, I will find it whatever it is like the many times before we've had complex issues, I'm not worried. We always make things right.

Posting from phone, appreciate everyone who has helped provide data and feedback.

Love to the players.


  • Server is running on my desktop in the interim which has fairly extreme hardware so things should run without a hitch, it will allow me to also debug potentially the issues that we've been seeing. I will report what I find but for now you guys should be able to enjoy things without issue.
  • Donations will be enabled until next Sunday, take advantage of it while I have them open
  • Halloween and DL will go through this weekend unless noted otherwise
  • Halloween and DL will go through this Wednesday morning due to the lag issues that were prevalent in the past weeks
written by hateborne | 5141 Views | 93 Replies
Halloween 2015 Live!

Yup...it's that time again. :-)

Some oddness has been happening across Norrath and beyond. Once again, your adventuring will take you to 'The Grounds' to face off against the irritated, bite-first-ask-questions-later type of denizens that typically make it worth your time to put them down 'for the greater good'. Be careful though as there is talk of an invasion of sorts. Not sure how, when, where, or why....but be careful out there. It may become significantly less safe at any point in time.

/ooc As we enjoy the Halloween holiday, do not forget the man that started making it a HUGE event and the one that created this sandbox for so many of us to spend time, dodge responsibilities, hide our differences/pain, and relive a new version of Everquest. Hunter, you crazy trolling bastard, I miss you. Rest in peace bud.

New spell file (EZ Spell File) and server files (EZ Server Files) available.

written by hateborne | 3439 Views | 95 Replies
Drake is Fixed, EXP / SoA are...not so fixed.

Drake is fixed. With the implementation of the not_extendable/not_focusable field (correctly), spells can be set to NOT scale, which is a pretty huge win from a dev standpoint. Drake's triggers were set to scale and the hotfix command was issued (thanks KLS for that!). Should be live, but may require clients to zone to "see" the benefits.

Shield of the Ages is, for the most part, fine. With a lot of the recent spell updates, the Ancient Enhancement is all kinds of broken. It adds a TINY bonus to damage...EXCEPT IT DOESN'T ADD TINY AMOUNTS. Rank 6 or 7 lists 6 or 7%, but is adding somewhere close to 22% damage increase. As a result, until the effect can be fixed or until I find a better use of that focus slot, I will have to remove the effect. I may replace it with a more dynamic effect that is more defensive in nature, but that is a discussion for later. (It will be discussed unless no one cares...then I'll just fix it.)

Finally, the experience bonuses are ...breaking things. I've tried to ignore it for as long as I could, but it is causing lots of issues (negative exp values, getting 1-69s stuck, awarding so much AAXP that RoA100 is now obtainable in a week or less). This being said, I've been number crunching for a few hours to find the right "max". I do not have a value that is good yet, but I'll post here when I do and scale down the exp buffs. I hate to do what looks like a huge nerf, but I simply cannot have players earning millions of AAXP in a week or so. I will upgrade the EXP mask in status or other bonuses to ensure it stays valuable and well worth the effort spent to obtain it.

written by hateborne | 1759 Views | 19 Replies
Bot-Farmer Suspended

Yup, another one down. This poor guy lost two ranks on all three UWs, had the Gods Min/Maj quest tasks reset (i.e. has to do them again) on those three, destroyed 300+ SLS, nuked ~300 essences of varying rank, obliterated a few hundred HoH tokens, ~150 MILLION platinum poured into my personal ducktales vault, and suspended the associated accounts for ONE WEEK.

The account has been notated, so the next offense will be a very permanent game over. There is a startlingly similar posting on an old game currency/item selling page for what was just removed. I wonder how quickly said page gets taken down...


EDIT: Forgot to add, Mask of Experience took 200 rank hit as well. Don't bot kids.
written by hateborne | 3047 Views | 46 Replies
T10 Final Beta Test from 10/2 to 10/4, AND IS NOW OPEN!

T10 Final Beta is NOW GOING! The items are not there just yet, as I'm still finishing up the leather and mail items. I'm adding EZ Credit tokens to bosses, both since I cannot let you actually progress before the zone opens and because I want to show thanks for spending time to test.

Let me repeat that in bold letters: BOSSES DROP EZ CREDITS IN T10 CURRENTLY. 100% chance to drop a credit token. 75% chance for a 5c, 25% for a 10c.

T10 will open literally the day after Halloween. Would do it sooner, but open for 1-2 weeks then DL would trivialize it. Plus, all week of Halloween, T10 isn't getting done, you ladies/gents/trolls are doing Halloween. It's House Garden and the boss farm shenanigans. :-)


written by hateborne | 3052 Views | 55 Replies
T10 Beta Testing Attempt No. 2 Completed!

PLEASE TEST IF YOU ARE HIGH ENOUGH! T10 spells CAN drop, cash is so-so high, consumables are there (tradeable consumables for L78), and the mobs are plenty angry.As things break/explode/blow-your-mind, please please please post in this thread so I can logically segregate the info/input for better organization. I will try to answer or address EVERY post relating to T10 in this thread. :-D

Huge thanks to all that contributed. I will be sifting through input and going from there!

Friday (All Day): T10 Beta opened.
Saturday (All Day): T10 Beta still open.
Sunday: T10 Beta ends in the evening.

I hope to see everyone there. This is more for stability, code testing, and respawn "feel" (too fast/slow/wtfspawndamnit).

written by Akkadius | 3775 Views | 52 Replies
New Spell File Available 8-23-2015

AA System Revamp
  • Thousands of new AA's were added to the database, however most of the higher level requirement AA's are still the original live requirement levels until we decide to bring the requirements down.
  • There are plenty of new AA's within the existing level ranges and their prices have been adjusted due to the attainable rates on EZ
  • You will have to re-purchase your AA's (Because the entire system has been redone), they have been retrieved from spent and brought back into unspent. If you had more than 1,000,000 unspent, they have been set to 1,000,000 + your original spent.
  • If you find any noticable issues with AA's in general, please report them on the forums. If you find a game breaking ability, report it to hateborne@gmail.com and akkadius1@gmail.com and we will make sure you are compensated appropriately. If you are found exploiting a game breaking AA, not to say that there are any out there, you will be either suspended or banned. Play nicely my friends.


T10 BETA Testing
  • Testing details will be pending per Hateborne

  • Will no longer be fulfilled after the 23rd until further notice. EZ Credits will remain in game.

If anyone has any questions or wants to report issues on this update, use this thread. Thank you.

Read More
written by Akkadius | 2117 Views | 22 Replies

I've been very busy to say the least, and so has Hate. But I hope you all are having a great summer and have been enjoying your time on the EZ Server.

I have a few announcements to make.

  • I will be running donations for one more week, through the 24th and they will be shut down indefinitely
  • There is completely new pricing for EZ Rewards, a lot of the more ridiculously priced items by Hunter from the original days have been cut to a more reasonable number. These adjustments have been as a result of discussion/listening to players and executed by Hateborne

AA Update & Server Code Update & T10:
  • We have a rather large update to add AA's all the way through Live EQ, this is a massive rewrite on the back-end to allow all of the new AA data but it also poses a challenge for us on EZ because all of these spells have to be retrieved from the Live Spells data in order for a lot of these AA's to actually work. We will make a post on how this update will be handled, if there are any game breaking AA effects, as well as AA effects that don't appear to work at all etc.
  • These updates also include a variety of optimizations that will help us with the new T10 zone and for all large zones combined. While T10 is impressive in its architecture, it definitely puts strain on the limitations of the EverQuest client because of how things were built back in the day. I will clarify as to when I plan to land this update.
  • When this update lands, Hate should be able to proceed with his BETA testings of T10. He has been making changes even since the last BETA and should allow us to make any changes to make it an enjoyable experience.

If anyone has any questions ...... Read More
written by hateborne | 1074 Views | 5 Replies
Misc Updates

  • Almost all damage spells from 1-70 have been made consistent in terms of cast time. Nearly every spell was adjusted to match the 70+ spells of same/similar effect. This causes some of the lowbie spells to no longer have a 45-90s recast, most direct damage spells to 0.9 - 2.0 sec cast, most AoEs to 0.0 - 1.5 sec cast, most DoTs to 0.5 - 1.5 sec cast, and most heals to 0.0 - 2.0 cast.
  • Fixed an issue where Breath of Nature and Word of Vivification (sp?) had inconsistent recast and recovery times.
  • Most DoTs across the board have 0.0 - 0.5s recovery (time before it unlocks bar). This should help with dumping DoTs more expediently.
  • VT/VT2 was a misunderstanding, was reversed, and expect next time an issue crops up to be more constructive and less childish (i.e. The Rymo prototype of a single 6man all UW group is now officially the server standard, although you could argue it was leaning that way beforehand anyways).
  • Slight drop rate increase to LDoN (almost nonexistent, but still an increase!).
  • Acquittal of the Tribunal, Timeless: Chlorobon, and Over Raided Healing all have cast time of 0.25 sec. This is not instant, VERY near instant, and should help with fizzle locking down the character for 10 full seconds. If this causes problems, please let me know and it can safely be undone.

New spell file, 8-9-15, is available now.




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