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written by hateborne | 1117 Views | 43 Replies
T10 Final Beta Test from 10/2 to 10/4, AND IS NOW OPEN!

T10 Final Beta is NOW GOING! The items are not there just yet, as I'm still finishing up the leather and mail items. I'm adding EZ Credit tokens to bosses, both since I cannot let you actually progress before the zone opens and because I want to show thanks for spending time to test.

Let me repeat that in bold letters: BOSSES DROP EZ CREDITS IN T10 CURRENTLY. 100% chance to drop a credit token. 75% chance for a 5c, 25% for a 10c.

T10 will open literally the day after Halloween. Would do it sooner, but open for 1-2 weeks then DL would trivialize it. Plus, all week of Halloween, T10 isn't getting done, you ladies/gents/trolls are doing Halloween. It's House Garden and the boss farm shenanigans. :-)


written by hateborne | 1509 Views | 55 Replies
T10 Beta Testing Attempt No. 2 Completed!

PLEASE TEST IF YOU ARE HIGH ENOUGH! T10 spells CAN drop, cash is so-so high, consumables are there (tradeable consumables for L78), and the mobs are plenty angry.As things break/explode/blow-your-mind, please please please post in this thread so I can logically segregate the info/input for better organization. I will try to answer or address EVERY post relating to T10 in this thread. :-D

Huge thanks to all that contributed. I will be sifting through input and going from there!

Friday (All Day): T10 Beta opened.
Saturday (All Day): T10 Beta still open.
Sunday: T10 Beta ends in the evening.

I hope to see everyone there. This is more for stability, code testing, and respawn "feel" (too fast/slow/wtfspawndamnit).

written by Akkadius | 2398 Views | 52 Replies
New Spell File Available 8-23-2015

AA System Revamp
  • Thousands of new AA's were added to the database, however most of the higher level requirement AA's are still the original live requirement levels until we decide to bring the requirements down.
  • There are plenty of new AA's within the existing level ranges and their prices have been adjusted due to the attainable rates on EZ
  • You will have to re-purchase your AA's (Because the entire system has been redone), they have been retrieved from spent and brought back into unspent. If you had more than 1,000,000 unspent, they have been set to 1,000,000 + your original spent.
  • If you find any noticable issues with AA's in general, please report them on the forums. If you find a game breaking ability, report it to hateborne@gmail.com and akkadius1@gmail.com and we will make sure you are compensated appropriately. If you are found exploiting a game breaking AA, not to say that there are any out there, you will be either suspended or banned. Play nicely my friends.


T10 BETA Testing
  • Testing details will be pending per Hateborne

  • Will no longer be fulfilled after the 23rd until further notice. EZ Credits will remain in game.

If anyone has any questions or wants to report issues on this update, use this thread. Thank you.

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written by Akkadius | 1380 Views | 22 Replies

I've been very busy to say the least, and so has Hate. But I hope you all are having a great summer and have been enjoying your time on the EZ Server.

I have a few announcements to make.

  • I will be running donations for one more week, through the 24th and they will be shut down indefinitely
  • There is completely new pricing for EZ Rewards, a lot of the more ridiculously priced items by Hunter from the original days have been cut to a more reasonable number. These adjustments have been as a result of discussion/listening to players and executed by Hateborne

AA Update & Server Code Update & T10:
  • We have a rather large update to add AA's all the way through Live EQ, this is a massive rewrite on the back-end to allow all of the new AA data but it also poses a challenge for us on EZ because all of these spells have to be retrieved from the Live Spells data in order for a lot of these AA's to actually work. We will make a post on how this update will be handled, if there are any game breaking AA effects, as well as AA effects that don't appear to work at all etc.
  • These updates also include a variety of optimizations that will help us with the new T10 zone and for all large zones combined. While T10 is impressive in its architecture, it definitely puts strain on the limitations of the EverQuest client because of how things were built back in the day. I will clarify as to when I plan to land this update.
  • When this update lands, Hate should be able to proceed with his BETA testings of T10. He has been making changes even since the last BETA and should allow us to make any changes to make it an enjoyable experience.

If anyone has any questions ...... Read More
written by hateborne | 643 Views | 5 Replies
Misc Updates

  • Almost all damage spells from 1-70 have been made consistent in terms of cast time. Nearly every spell was adjusted to match the 70+ spells of same/similar effect. This causes some of the lowbie spells to no longer have a 45-90s recast, most direct damage spells to 0.9 - 2.0 sec cast, most AoEs to 0.0 - 1.5 sec cast, most DoTs to 0.5 - 1.5 sec cast, and most heals to 0.0 - 2.0 cast.
  • Fixed an issue where Breath of Nature and Word of Vivification (sp?) had inconsistent recast and recovery times.
  • Most DoTs across the board have 0.0 - 0.5s recovery (time before it unlocks bar). This should help with dumping DoTs more expediently.
  • VT/VT2 was a misunderstanding, was reversed, and expect next time an issue crops up to be more constructive and less childish (i.e. The Rymo prototype of a single 6man all UW group is now officially the server standard, although you could argue it was leaning that way beforehand anyways).
  • Slight drop rate increase to LDoN (almost nonexistent, but still an increase!).
  • Acquittal of the Tribunal, Timeless: Chlorobon, and Over Raided Healing all have cast time of 0.25 sec. This is not instant, VERY near instant, and should help with fizzle locking down the character for 10 full seconds. If this causes problems, please let me know and it can safely be undone.

New spell file, 8-9-15, is available now.

written by hateborne | 847 Views | 7 Replies
But Wait! There's more...misc updates!

Most of these were actually done last night, just not completed and tested until my lunch break today.

  • All LDON levels have Epic Vendor, Newbie Vendor, and Buff Bot. May add in the card/charm NPC as well.
  • LDON now has batch dropped gems (3-5 at a time). This is common enough to add cash, but rare enough to not bog down clear times.
  • LDON NPCs saw some minor DB-side adjustments. Casters were given small amounts of resist difference (translated: better chance to land spells on fresh 70s), while lowering the melee damage. Most non-melee NPCs lost triple/quad attack in LDON as well.
  • Guardian's Charm and Brawler's Charm will be USEFUL with reboot. Guardian's Charm adds a 15% direct melee damage into healing conversion and 15% accuracy per rank (5 ranks). Brawler's Charm adds 50-75% melee (white) damage and 15% accuracy per rank (5 ranks). Both of these effects work up to level 72. At level 73, they will yield 0% bonus. This is to prevent UWs and much higher characters from hitting for 10s of millions or healing for entire health bars per hit. Some measure of the damage increase and vampirism will appear on Ultimate Charm sometime this week.

Additionally, a new spell file is available!
EDIT: New spell file from last night wasn't complete. Something failed and 1/3 of the files were missing. The new and WORKING one is live now. Sorry about that.

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written by hateborne | 907 Views | 8 Replies
More Misc Updates!

In addition to beating my head into the wall setting up these T10 boss spawns, triggers, and other such despicable activities, I am taking regular breaks so I don't "lose the forest for the trees" and keep focused (to help prevent me getting lost in rabbit holes). In these breaks, I usually do basic catch-up works or minor adjustments. Here are some of these adjustments.

  • Minibosses in Plane of Fire give randomized AAXP on kill. Random 1 through (Level - 69). At level 78, that's up to 9 instant AAXP.
  • Plane of Time (A) is super loot friendly. This zone is unique in this aspect and will help to get players prepared for the 70+ journey. All bosses give 3 AAXP to players level 70-71. Lincei gives 5 AAXP per kill to players level 70-71. All bosses have a fairly heavy loot table now. Trash mobs are also more likely to drop a lot more coinage in "bulk drops" of gems/vendor-trash.
  • ALL spells have a minimum recovery time of 1.0 seconds (if the recovery time was greater than 1.0 seconds).
  • Ancient: Drain Life abilities had cap removed from 1.5 - 2.5 SK epic. This was arbitrarily lowering proc values when scaling was involved.
  • Hunter's Wrath (70-72) [proc dmg] was actually screwy and could roll 0 damage. This has been fixed. In addition, the damage amount went up by roughly 40%.
  • EXP Values in LDONs has be increased to higher than Plane of Time but lower than QVIC. Each successive floor gives slightly more experience than the previous.
  • Minor text naming/description/lore updates to ...... Read More
written by hateborne | 739 Views | 6 Replies
Misc Update

Pets will now come with the owner if summoned via Call of Heroes or Call of the Companions. Additionally, the pet will drop aggro as well. Hopefully this will help with pets randomly dying when the owner is summoned. :-)

written by hateborne | 550 Views | 0 Replies
Stacked Turn-Ins Coming Soon!

You didn't read that incorrectly. With the next source update, stacked turn ins will work directly from RoF2. The quest bits will still exist for UF clients, but the actual source code will CORRECTLY handle this action.


Huge thanks to Drajor for spending the time to dig in and resolve this on the source side.

written by Akkadius | 1142 Views | 8 Replies
I will be taking some time off so I will be able to give some attention to the server and some needed upgrades and such.

I'll be in the Virginia Beach area in Virginia if anyone is from around there and wants to meet up for a beer or something.

If you need anything in particular my E-Mail is akkadius1@gmail.com
written by Loveborne | 1805 Views | 18 Replies
Sceptre of Time re-vamp!

Sceptre of Time no longer requires you to kill all the way up to rank ten. It has been changed so that you only have to farm up to rank 5. However, if you would like a higher rank you will have to combine it with a item called 'Stone of Impatience'. This goes for ranks 6-9(they only require one stone). Rank 10 requires two stones to complete the combine. The stones might end up in your bags if you 'pewpew' enough. You can also trade a rank 5 of the sceptre to Siinge for a Stone of Impatience.

May the odds be ever in your favor....

written by Loveborne | 4516 Views | 88 Replies
We're Making A List!
....and checking it daily.....

Since T10 is about to be launched, Hate and I need to get started on our next list of things to do. We would like everyone's input on a variety of things that need to be taken care of as we are aware that multiple things have been put off in the making of T10. Some things that need to be addressed are:

  • Stuff that has been put off. As I mentioned, we are aware that multiple things have been put off in the making of T10, but what do you think should get attention first? Is there anything that you believe requires immediate attention? (Hate usually replied "After T10" to these)
  • Stuff that has not yet been mentioned. Is there any problems or suggestions that has not been mentioned that you would like to bring to our attention?
  • Things that need to be looked at. Is there anything that you simply believe just needs to be checked out? If so, please include why you believe it should get looked into.
  • Long standing problems. Obviously we want to take care of any long standing problems as soon as possible. With that being said, are there any long standing problems that you can think of?
  • Lastly... broken abilities. If there are any broken abilities then we want to fix them so you can get the most 'pewpew'. So, please let us know what you find broken.

We plan on working hard to get all of the problems fixed in a timely manner so you guys can the most out of your playtime.  Smiley

New Updates!

New Spell File Available!

  • SLS is now available to be purchased with the alternate currency 'Buzzing Berries'.
  • Call of the Hero is enabled in T6.

  • Read More
written by hateborne | 1393 Views | 21 Replies
Essence Trader Now Accepts Bulks!

Yup, just added it. A well reasoned and very articulate email convinced me that this is a good idea. I've tested it for the last 30 minutes and completed a full UWIX without being able to break it. Make note that I've added some extra logging to the bulk turn ins, so false attempts to say "I tried to turn in X, it took'em, and gave me nothing" will be met with a week long vacation for trying to be a prick. If, somehow, it DOES eat your essences and gives you nothing using the bulk turn in....lemme know and I'll get that fixed for you! :-D

written by hateborne | 500 Views | 0 Replies
Lost Items from Hasty Trades

This is a reminder that rushing through and turn in items accidentally to pets, wrong NPCs, etc is not my responsibility or obligation to resolve. This sounds cold, but every double loot I get nearly a dozen emails of tons of essences/plat/etc lost from some one rushing to turn things in and losing. This double loot weekend was no exception. I had six or seven emails about this, people complaining that they turned in the wrong items to NPCs, turned in a stack of essences (got three of these this time), handed Mask of Experience to pet, etc etc. As clearly stated in the rules, this is on you. If the server eats the item, I'll fix it and then some for your troubles. If you accidentally lose it, you will have to replace it.

Rules: http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=8.0

Just because I haven't listed a rule, doesn't mean you can't get banned for a certain action. Use your head, You know right and wrong.
Don't be an idiot or you'll get banned. For item reimbursements: http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=4231.0 (in a nutshell, if the server failed, I'll fix it. If not, then you're out).

written by hateborne | 720 Views | 3 Replies

With new instances or reboot of any zones (excluding hub zones: qrg, nexus, stonehive, fg/cg/crg, etc), "/say fireworks" for a colorful, spammy display. For hilarious lag bombs, "/bcca //say fireworks".

Happy 4th to our North American or Americans abroad! Shoot off an extra one for Hunter! ::kneel::

-Love & Hate
written by hateborne | 1079 Views | 9 Replies
T10 Beta Weekend LIVE NOW!

That's right, it's finally that time. It's in a beta weekend, with most of it intact. Bosses are disabled, progression gear/weapons/essence/quest-items disabled, and quests disabled....but spells, tons of plat, SLS, and other goodies are still available for those willing to brave it.

There are pieces and places where things WILL stop or break, which is totally fine. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF SPAGHETTI PLEASE RECORD THEM IN THIS THREAD! Additionally, all thoughts/comments/complaints/concerns outside of this thread will be ignored.

Lastly, new spell file and new zone character file available. You *MUST* download the sunderock_chr.txt file and replace the current one of the zone will NOT load correctly.


EDIT: Due to the desync issue, I will attempt another beta weekend this upcoming weekend (7-10 and 7-11). Hopefully Akkadius will have been able to write-up and implement radius based NPC updates by then, which will make T10 playable and contribute to a significantly cleaner experience in huge zones with a lot of movement.
written by hateborne | 745 Views | 7 Replies
Orcs Attack Kelethin!

That's right. First vampires, now orcs. What next, locusts?!

The orcs managed to cut a bloody swathe through the citizens of Kelethin. Brave adventurers appeared in aid of the citizens of Kelethin, but they were outnumbered and overpowered. Slowly and surely, the orcs were picked off but not before making off with the mysterious Kelethin badge of office. The orcs have brought this 'badge' back with them to Sunderock Springs, in preparation for the oncoming siege. Below is a small gallery from a foolish adventurer, before looting a chest of platinum, bragging about it, and being promptly murdered.


written by Akkadius | 9902 Views | 97 Replies
Greetings everyone!

It's been a while since we've done a code update so I've issued a needed update.

As usual, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, please report any issues on the forums here; this thread will do just fine as well.

There's been so many odds and ends added and adjusted over the past several months I couldn't cover them all and they aren't necessarily in the changelog, but we needed quite a few updates for T10 that is on its way as well as many others.

I've posted the changelog below in this thread in a separate post as it is quite long.

7/1/2015 Source Updates
  • Fixed run-speed issues, thanks to Haynar
  • Added a "Health Marquee" display for players to get accurate server health percentage, this is server wide right now and I may add the ability to toggle it in the future, for now its enabled on everyone. Example of this here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUVdbPxLIn0
  • Fixed a zone crash (Thanks Watchyoudie) that was reported, it had to do with Instance code and Guild messages that were being sent out overflowing the message buffer. So in the case where the character name was long, or the zone name was long and you created a Guild instance, this issue would occur.
  • Any outstanding issues, please continue to report in this thread

4th Weekend

written by hateborne | 1489 Views | 12 Replies
Dual Wielding 2h and 1h Abuse Notification

Suspended a player and his army for seven days for dual wielding a UW Zweihander and an offhand weapon. I'll be writing up a small addition to the player scripts to watch for this. It will log ANY such activity. If your name appears on the log, expect a seven day "vacation".

written by hateborne | 1897 Views | 17 Replies

That's right. Some of those pesky vampires broke free of T10 and caused quite a mess of things. A few strong willed players managed to muscle their way through a few of them, but were simply overwhelmed until Stone Sergeant Grognir, Arch Warden Tessenar, and Arcanist Victus arrived to put the hurt on the vampires. Several people walked out with MANY more Superior Lightstones, some essences, varying amounts of plat bags/chests, and/or lots of T10 consumables.

If you have thoughts/opinions on this evening's events, please post them in this thread!

Coming with reboot, the necromancer "Death" line will additionally debuff the healing received by the target by 5% per rank. This effect will not stack and only the highest one will apply (though it should still be possible to dump all ranks of Death on a target for DoT madness). The healing debuff will NOT be spread by Epidemic though.


EDIT: I'll post fully up-to-date spell file tomorrow, once I test the changes. :-D
written by hateborne | 1838 Views | 16 Replies
Warping Botter Banhammered!

I believe in given everyone a single chance for redemption, whether it be not knowing the rules or thinking one can "sneak past". I crucified this person earlier by a week long suspension and WRECKING their essence/cash pools. That wasn't enough. Caught him/her doing it again and banned their entire entourage.

Previous Link: http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=4685.0

Proof that I will follow through on people that are given one chance and abuse it.

written by hateborne | 1212 Views | 11 Replies
Gemstones/Crystals Added to CT/QVIC, Increased Chance in T9!

That's right. Based off of a Suggestions1 thread, they were added to CT/QVIC. Off of many players suggestions previously, the drop rate in T9 is 30-35% better than it was before. Cheesy


1 - http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=4702
written by hateborne | 1091 Views | 6 Replies
T10 Moar Updatez!

New spell file is available! (5-20-15)

Alright, as it was very correctly pointed out, I have not posted on the T10 Update Thread1 in a while (even though I've been working on it). So here are some hints/teasers/updates:

  • The zone is, in fact, Sunderock Springs.
  • Due to the sheer size of the zone, in-zone transportation will be available.
  • There will be numerous zone-involved bosses that will tamper with the zone as a whole. They will be critical in obtaining necessary quest items/credit for some progression.2
  • Thanks to Akkadius, a way for NPC guards to ALWAYS ignore players has been found and will be implemented after the next source update (to T10 and ALL other tier zones).
  • Numerous chest can be found throughout the zone (253 spawn points). These will be tethered (to prevent pulling or Black Hole pulling). Additionally, some of them will be LOCKED. Key drops are...secretz! Cheesy
  • Traps galore. Be very, VERY careful when just charging across the zone.
  • Some NPCs have the ability to go IMMUNE to certain elements, depending on the situation.
  • Some NPCs will not take kindly to being killed....  Wink


1 - Original thread: http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=4641.msg61544;topicseen#new
2 - These NPCs and events have been setup with several "resets" to correctly undo any zone changes that have been done. This is being mentioned as I will acknowledge upfront that T9 was not quite ready when it was released and I will not repeat the same mistake.
written by hateborne | 2308 Views | 19 Replies
Misc Updates

  • Aspect of True Flight, Celestial Bow, Coralbane, Skittering Longbow (HoH, Airplane, T5, T6 bows) have been made paladin usable.
  • Ultimate Protection IV has been correctly set at 1,500,000 (will not show until spellfile release, but DOES give rune amount).
  • AC values were fixed on numerous buffs/debuffs. Specifically, Armor of the Crab (grants 10% AC bonus at all levels), Vicious Disempower (and it's recourse), and Nillipus' Stampede of the Wee are much more useful. As noted above, effects are live, but spellfile is out of date.
  • Rogue augments should no longer block UW clickies after reboot! (Thanks Hukster)

written by hateborne | 4397 Views | 70 Replies
Gemstone of the Ages Drop Rate Increased!

Due to the Skin of the Drake changes, an unrelated exploit fix, and a very well thought out PM from a player, I have increased the drop rate by roughly 10%. I'll keep an eye on the number of drops/loots to potentially adjust further.

This is the kind of goodness that happens when people write out intelligent posts/messages (even weakly structured, but well delivered point) and when people report AoE farming exploits. I base a lot of big items off of the number looted weekly. If a few people are exploiting, mass farming, and getting 5x (or more) than the average player, the drop rates stay crappy (or get worse). If the loot rate across the board is low, I can safely justify lower the chance (increasing the chance of seeing one). :-)




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