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written by Akkadius | 1489 Views | 30 Replies
Hello all,

The forums are back online for now and we have a slew of updates and things to note.

  • Magelo services have been migrated from Hostgator to a new webhost I've spun up in the EZ datacenter, this will make Magelo page responses far faster
  • Having the magelo run on much faster hardware also makes it realistic to build signatures on the Magelo once again

EZ Community Wiki:
  • The EZ Wiki that has been built and maintained by the members of the EZ community is now also hosted in EZ's datacenter and is located at http://wiki.ezserveronline.com - If you were a contributor to this you will need to re-register

Front/Landing Page:
  • Noot has been kind enough to take on the project of creating us some nice landing page content, more on this to come later.

  • If you find an exploit, or become aware of an existing exploit, do the community a favor and report them properly. I've always given players proper compensation for exploits that are server threatening, this should be common sense but I'm just making this known again. Same thing goes for botters, if you know someone is botting - report them, they shouldn't be botting in the first place and they will be caught.

  • If you plan on donating, make sure you do it soon because I will be shutting them back down again within the next week or so. There will be no double credits and will be 1:1

  • Muramite Proving Grounds Expedition is temporarily disabled until further notice
  • Fixed an issue with the Keeper of the Ages where a bulk upgrade nearing Rank 1,000 with more AA points than what's needed to achieve Rank 1,000 would hit over the cap and recieve no item in return
  • Both forum and in game magelo services have been moved to http://magelo.ezserveronline.com - this will prove to be far more responsive/faster than before, in game commands and links updated as well
  • The 'Help' window has been visually adjusted as well as added #files and #viewchangelog as custom commands
  • Boards will be available starting the beginning of next week, in the meantime the ezwiki is accessible via /say ezwiki and server files are available via command #files, thanks everyone!
  • The EZ Server Wiki has been updated at /say ezwiki, it is the EZ Server Wiki that is made by the players and hosted by myself. Sign up for a user at the top link, in your bio state what it is that you plan to contribute and I will review the registration and approve as they come through
  • Fixed issues with potential lockout bypassing when issuing expedition invites or expedition group invites. Thanks Tankasaurus for helping with the testing
  • The window offering the initial expedition details has been overhauled and displays more useful information with a cleaner appearance
  • Fixed all of the issues with expeditions and lockouts
  • Fixed an issue where characters would sometimes not get a task assignment on creation of an expedition
  • Fixed an issue where some toons would not get task completion credit during an expedition
  • Introduced new in-game command #character_move <account_name> <character_name> :: This will return specified character to Nexus granted they are offline
  • "Left Behind Baggage" will now drop accessories and sometimes 'Essence of Old Commons' once again as it would not drop anything before
  • Atlantean Harpoon has been changed from 2HPierce to 2HB because of classes lacking Skill mods
  • T5 Platinum drops have been slightly lowered, but should still be higher than before
  • You can now view the EZ Server changelog via #viewchangelog
  • Friends will now receive online/offline notifications when friends log in or out
  • Guild members will now receive notifications when other main (non-alt) members go online or offline
  • T4 bosses had mistakenly been assigned the T3 spell pool versus the T4 spell pool, T4 bosses in Airplane now have a 10&PCT; chance to individually roll from the T3 and T4 spell pool respectively
  • Drop fix :: Alkare in T5 now drops the "Veeshan's Boots Pattern II" once again as it was only dropping Magician Sleeves, this will take a new instance to take affect
  • The accidental item hand-in safety net has been put back in place
  • Jaggedpine pathing should now behave more approriately, the pathing Z plane thresholds have been adjusted and the LOS check frequency has been adjusted
  • Razorback in T5 :: Abyss :: is now dropping both Mage/Wizard Arm/Boot patterns again, this may take a new instance to cycle
  • Spell: Crabtwoshoes Lore is now "T9 Spell: Crabtwoshoes Will Heal You ...... Read More
written by hateborne | 963 Views | 19 Replies
Misc Updates/Notes/Things!

Firstly, I am not dead. I was in and out of planes last week to get hired. Yaaaay! I'll still be active, just not literally logged in all day anymore.

Second, UWs now have level limits in place. Yes it sucks, yes it was unexpected, but it's in place to address too many issues and discourage newbies from STARTING into the UW grind instead of playing the bloody game. The UW is basically tier + 1 (i.e. XII is obtainable AFTER T10 [L79], XI is obtainable AFTER T9 [L78], etc etc). The lowest level is 71 for UWs.

Finally, the turn in "safety net" will not be coming back. Akkadius wrote a @#%@ing awesome tool to save people from themselves, but in the end, it was abused during lag. Since Hunter and EQ live was all about "you lose it, you fix it", we will be returning to that policy. If you hand in your UCv3 parts to wrong NPC, not my problem. If you hand in 100 essences to your pet/banker/merchant, not my problem. If you accidentally hand in your class augment to the Newbie Vendor, again, not my problem.

  • My Problem: Server failed, server ate it, quest failure, lag-based deletion or out-of-sync.
  • Not My Problem: Literally everything else.

written by hateborne | 406 Views | 0 Replies
Hello All,

Due to the netcode changes, a massive dupe has found it's way into EZ. As a result, we will likely be issuing the first rollback in years to Thursday (4/14). As a result, we will run a Double Loot next weekend (4/29 - 5/2) to help recoup time lost. As I cannot log in to the server, I cannot simply bounce us back to previous binaries. Emails to me will not speed this along. We are awaiting Akkadius' reply.

Akkadius edit:

Server has been rolled back to Friday due to players who think that an exploit is going to go rampant without repercussion.

Netcode changes that have happened recently, while positive, may be causing some process hangs in certain scenarios that cause the safety net system that has been installed to prevent player stupidity (handing in items to the wrong NPC's) from working correctly.

The safety net has been removed for now until I can get back from vacation and give proper time to fixing the root issue. I'm not worried about fixing the root of the problem as I always do but this is an issue that decided to not surface until I was no longer in the states to address.

We have been rolled back to Friday, Double Loot is turned on and NPC's will no longer hand back items if you are stupid enough to hand them into the wrong NPC.

I'm sorry about this but at the same time, things happen and I appreciate your understanding.

written by Akkadius | 714 Views | 12 Replies
So after a long an grueling process of troubleshooting and narrowing things down, we've finally got the RoF2 zoning (desync) issue resolved which should also resolve a slew of other buggy type behavior as well since it involves changes to netcode.

Zoning Issues:
  • A HUGE thanks to Haynar for making the changes on the netcode to fixing the zoning issue with RoF2 clients.
  • Haynar is also responsible for the zone speed up changes that were also made in the process of trying to narrow these issues down
  • For those who don't know who Haynar is, he's been a major player in P99's codebase as well as the Tak (EQ Mac) project, he stays mostly behind the scenes. Please give him your thanks in this thread, he spent a lot of time getting to the bottom of this issue
  • Another huge thanks to Dimurwar for night after night of grueling testing. I've also had folks such as Mixlor and a few others that have helped with this lengthy process. Once again we appreciate how willing our players are to help us troubleshoot difficult issues

  • In-zone death has been removed due to desync issues being resolved

I've also fixed quite a few crashes that I've spotted in our logs over the past few days as well.


written by hateborne | 2311 Views | 47 Replies
Zones Converted to Scripted Loot!

Halls of Honor [hohonora] was converted yesterday (or Monday?) [04-04-16?].
Plane of Gods [airplane] was converted this morning [04-06-16].
Asylum of Anguish [anguish] was converted this evening [04-06-16].
LDON Floors were converted this morning [04-09-16].
TOFS [frozenshadow] was converted last night and this morning [04-25 to 04-26].
The Abyss [illsalin] was converted just now [4-26-16].

What does this mean for you? Easier to find spells as they are no longer restricted to certain boss(es), easier for me to adjust/add things on the fly, and more reliable "double loot" participation by the zone. Smiley

EDIT: Added bonus, Asylum of Anguish now has some checks to recover from wipe on Jelvan, as well as respawning Mata after 90s if you pulled him with bosses or too much trash alive. Enjoy!
EDIT #2: Each floor has 1-2 "common" cards now that drop 1:20 from trash, 1:1 from bosses. The "uncommon" cards range from 1:50 to 1:75 (down from 1:100 to 1:180). Additionally, credits from bosses are either 50 or 100 points, while credits from trash are either 10 or 50. Gem drops have been increased a fair bit, but BULK DROPS (meaning 3-6 or 0, no 1-2 gems per corpse).
EDIT #3: Each TOFS floor should now have progressively more platinum dropping.
EDIT #4: (For T5) Spells are much more common from all bosses, weapons should be more common, accessories are less rare, and cash flow should be significantly better than before!

written by hateborne | 1332 Views | 46 Replies
Minor Updates!

Ok, here we go again with miscellaneous updates. :-)

Ring of the Ages had recommended (rec) level and required (req) level set. The levels are as follows:

  • Ranks 0 - 200: Rec/Req levels of 70
  • Ranks 201-400: Req level of 70, rec level of 72
  • Ranks 401-600: Req level of 72, rec level of 73
  • Ranks 601-800: Req level of 73, rec level of 75
  • Ranks 800-1000: Req level of 75, rec level of 76

Mask of Experience buffs are now regulated via level. When a Mask of Experience buff is cast (group cast or MGB cast), it checks against the level chart below to determine your highest eligible buff. If you receive a rank higher than your "set amount", it recasts the lower buff on you instead. This way the Mask of Experience is effectively 'unchanged'.

  • 1-69: 0%
  • 70: 50%
  • 71: 100%
  • 72: 150%
  • 73: 200%
  • 74: 250%
  • 75: 300%
  • 76: 350%
  • 77+: No cap

The RoA level caps are due to the regeneration values simply not eligible to scale down. If we are ok with REMOVING the regeneration from RoA, then I can remove required level cap (leaving only the recommended one).

These changes spawned off of feedback from email and from the thread below:

written by Akkadius | 436 Views | 8 Replies
I'll have the server down around 11:30AM CST for a period of time to do some maintenance that I've been needing to do for a while. Once done things should be right back up.
written by hateborne | 822 Views | 9 Replies
Ultimate Augment Updates!

Today I revised a lot of the Ultimate Augments to better serve a purpose based on a lot of random feedback over the last year. The ones that exist have been rewritten (some, not all) and a few new ones will appear tonight or this weekend.

Here is the rundown:
  • Wide Arc Swing became a proc augment with ~7% proc chance.
  • Hatestomp IV damage set to 85k (up from 46k)
  • Life From Pain converted to Lifetap, which increased healing value a good bit.
  • Long-Range Fireball is now a sympathetic proc (proc on cast) and focus type. However, due to double-dipping from casters using this and proc'ing UW for unfair DPS.
  • Drop Defenses is now a Dual Type (Proc or Focus) augment that fits in either slot. It can now proc on cast or melee (low chance).
  • Amplify Vulnerability is now a Dual Type (Proc of Focus) augment that fits in either slot. It can now proc on cast or melee (low chance).
  • Ignore Death is now a Dual Type (Proc of Focus) augment that fits in either slot. It can now proc on cast or melee (low chance)
  • Ultimate Protection has become a passive, worn augment with large bonuses to block/dodge/parry.

Related, but not technically Ultimate Augment involved, I restored the focus effect to Ultimate Greatstaff to trigger on harmful spell cast (~50% proc chance).

New spell file (04-01-16) available and is needed for some of the changes to show up.

written by hateborne | 608 Views | 7 Replies
Paladin / Shadow Knight Changes!

After a nonstop barrage of QQ and bellyachin' in OOC, I pushed this above a LOT to get done. The following is a result of a few days of 'whiteboarding' in mah head, some back and forth, and some lovely testing.

  • Zeal has been redesigned. It now provides AC, small chance to outright resist spells, stonewall effect, and a block chance. It triggers a recourse effect that will trigger your Holy Knight Strike from a BLOCK or a PARRY. This means that focusing in on Improved Block or Improved Parry will not only yield a durability increase, but a DPS increase as well.
  • Paladin Defensive Augments have been changed to PROC Zeal and CLICK for a short-duration, powerful Stonewall for pulling. It is self only.
  • Paladin Defensive Augments have been changed to only fit 1H weapons.
  • Holy Knight Strike saw ~3x increase in damage. This is the proc for tanking Paladins and Clerics.
  • Holy Knight Recourse saw cure values dropped to 1-3 or 2-3 per type cured, per proc (down from 32 per type...).

Shadow Knights:
  • New DoTs, debuffs, and pets... that are not dropping until tomorrow when I place them into loot scripts! Three new DoTs (four ranks each), Unholy Shackles made Shadow Knight usable at 2 level penalty (i.e. QVIC rank is not usable until L72 or HoH ready), pets are three tier lower Necromancer pets, and two new debuffs (one will be HUGELY prized for those fighting druid/necromancer mobs often).
  • Call of the Void has been rewritten to act as a raw spell damage bonus instead of a cheesy proc. Call of the Void V yields nearly double proc damage of a UCv3 geared Shadow Knight. Lower ranks have lower, but powerful enough bonuses.
  • Thirst of Muram has been altered in it's function. It now heals the PARTY for the amount tapped over 18 seconds (i.e. 5000 base damage over 18sec will heal party for 5000 base HP over 18sec). In addition, it restores mana equal to the base lifetap value (i.e. 5000 HP tap restores 5000 HP and 5000 Mana baseline, before scaling). The DoT function only lasts 18 seconds as well.
  • Strength From Pain (Shadow Knight Defensive Augment proc) saw an increase in the Lifetap values.
  • Siphon Defenses (recourse trigger from Strength From Pain) now has a minor chance to outright resist spells with each rank.
  • Cloak of Anarchy now has an HP percentage bonus as well. Rank 1 has 5% and rank 2 has a 10% HP bonus. This stacks with Ancient Oak.

I need to finish revamping the SK DPS augment, finish the second debuff/tap ability, and then make that custom DoT on 3.0 (or 3.5?) baseline for all SKs.

NEXT ON AGENDA: Beastlords, Ultimate Augments.

New spell file (3-31-16) is available!

written by hateborne | 1974 Views | 51 Replies
New Mini Dungeon!

That's right, a new mini has been added! This should help with the monotony of farming for essences. It isn't an "easymode" zone, more of a farming alternative. I HIGHLY, HIGHLY advise you find friends as this zone is big, loaded, and scales to the highest level.

First, find the Miner in Nexus or Stone Hive. Follow his prompts to start a new expedition.

Once inside, move towards the first big tile to initiate the essence selector menu. It will let you farm up to your highest level.

Please report problems/suggestions for this zone IN THIS THREAD, not in tells. Additionally, the newest spellfile is needed to adventure here!

New spell file (3-29-16) is now available!

written by hateborne | 409 Views | 4 Replies
Minor Improvements!

Firstly, the Augmentation Sealer NPC will now slot or remove two (or more) augments for you. Hail him for more details. Specifically, seek him out, start the conversation, hand him your two augments to slot, and then walk through the chat dialogue to slot them into your ranged or main hand weapon. Additionally, if you have an item with MANY augments in them (i.e. weapon showing two slots but has four procs), he can remove them for you as well.

Secondly, the Plane of Gods tokens from Halls of Honor (hohonora) are now clickable. The old method of turning them in still works. To use, simply enter the Plane of Gods and click a token to spawn the boss. Limit of one boss up at a time still applies though.

Finally, thanks in large part to Rent, all tiered armor/weapons/spells are showing properly labelled lore tags. In addition, spells for each tier are set with level restrictions properly as well. This will serve in a very huge way to making things 10x easier on my side of the fence and slightly easier for you ladies/gents/trolls. For his service, Rent was given 2 UW XIIs, 10mil pp, and 200 EZ Credits beaten severely and told to work faster next time.

New spell file (3-26-16) is available!


EDIT: Leaf Scarab drops are now sellable and have cash values!
written by Akkadius | 509 Views | 4 Replies
Since people fail to follow proper directions and we have adequate funding for now, I am shutting off donations until further notice. Which means, don't try and send donations through when they're not being fulfilled.

Thank you everyone who has supported the server.

written by hateborne | 472 Views | 3 Replies
Hi Ladies/Gents/Trolls,

Hate again. I'm still here, it's just been a particularly brutal week with wedding bits and still job hunting. I will get all outstanding emails/issues caught up by Wednesday (3-23-16). I apologize on the delay and will make up for my sluggishness in response time.

Additionally, if anyone happens to know of a telecommute opening for a Linux Sysadmin or Jr. Dev Ops monkey, please pass that information my way (Hateborne@gmail.com).

written by Akkadius | 1353 Views | 23 Replies
Hello everyone!

Since it has been a while, Hate and I agreed it is time to run Double Loot and Double Credits this weekend, starting Friday morning through Monday morning.

You all have been very cooperative and helpful getting to the root of issues and helping us keep this server going. The server has never ran better and we'd like to really put it through the test this weekend.

We're going to be sending out mass E-Mail notifying everyone of this event this weekend and hope that everyone can make it!

written by hateborne | 1377 Views | 15 Replies
Hey all,

Just posting here to let everyone know that I've not quit, gone missing, or blown things up. My company cut my entire team 2-17-16 and I've been scrambling to get applications out and hounding previous (and new) recruiters for leads. I will get caught up before Friday, finish my DPS parses, and resolve outstanding issues.

As for the one buying things with millions of copper instead of platinum, your moment is coming soon.

written by Akkadius | 1242 Views | 12 Replies
Hello everyone!

We've updated server code to the latest which has a variety of fixes that we've needed to get in place, we also need to get to the bottom of some crashes that have been happening as of late so this will help us figure those out and eliminate them. Mainly we've been seeing a crash with health marquees that all of a sudden started happening as of recent so I will figure out what is occurring there and fix it so we can start using them once again.

As normal, if you notice anything out of the ordinary, please report bugs and issues update related to this thread.

  • Sunderock is now a static zone


== 02/10/2016 ==
Hateborne: Added FlatItemExtraSpellAmt rule (boolean) to allow SpellDmg on items to be added as raw damage versus scaled.

== 01/26/2016 ==
Uleat: Fix for Berserker 'Piercing' skill issues. Server Admins: If you run custom skill sets, this patch touches the code segments that you will need to modify if you have changed the default berserker 1H-/2H-piercing skill values.
Uleat (Daerath): Fix for precision-loss item weight conversions in older clients.
   - Note: Cmake must be re-run to include/exclude the required files

== 01/13/2016 ==
Kinglykrab: Modified #flag so you can refresh your target's account status (GM status level) without them having to relog.
   - Just target the person whose flag you want to refresh and type #flag.
Uleat: Added itemlink functionality to the #summonitem command. Current use is limited to extracting the item id from the link.
   - Invoking by item link '#summonitem Arrow' produces the same result as by item id '#summonitem 8005'
== 01/12/2016 ==
Athrogate: Adding ClearCompassMark() to Lua.
   - Lua didn't have ClearCompassMark().  Perl already had this.

== 01/12/2016 ==
Uleat: Fix for tradeskill containers remaining locked after a RoF+ client leaves. Intermediary fix for RoF+ clients accessing tradeskill containers when in use by another player (thanks Natedog!)

== 12/29/2015 ==
Akkadius: Implemented standardized zone controller scripts (Rule Zone, UseZoneController) Defaulted to true
   - When a zone boots, it will spawn an invisible npc by the name of zone_controller
   - Lua and Perl scripts can be represented with this npc as zone_controller.pl/lua
   - This NPC's ID is ruled be define ZONE_CONTROLLER_NPC_ID 10
   - Two EVENT's uniquely are handled with this NPC/controller (They only work with the zone_controller NPC)
      - EVENT_SPAWN_ZONE :: All NPC spawns in the zone trigger the controller and pass the following variables:
      - EVENT_DEATH_ZONE :: All NPC deaths in the zone trigger the controller event and pass the following variables:

== 12/28/2015 ==
Kinglykrab: Added GetInstanceTimer() to Perl and Lua.
   - Added GetInstanceTimerByID(instance_id) to Perl and Lua.
   - Note: If you do not provide an instance id in the method it defaults to instance id 0 and returns 0 for time remaining.
   - Added UpdateZoneHeader(type, value) to Perl and Lua.
   - Note: UpdateZoneHeader allows you to manipulate fog color, fog density, and many other zone header settings on the fly in Perl and Lua.
== 12/21/2015 ==
Natedog: Updated item table fields and added a few missing fields for evolving items
   -DO NOT implement Heirloom items till the inventory code is fixed to allow placing NO DROP
      items in your shared bank. (but item field located on items table)
   -NYI - SkillModMax: Max skill point modification from the percent mods. EX:
      100% 2HSlashing (Max 50) - can only increase 2hslash by 50 MAX! (item field located though)
Kinglykrab: Added GetMeleeMitigation() for NPCs and Clients in Perl and Lua.
   - This allows you to check total item, spell, and AA melee mitigation contribution.
== 12/19/2015 ==
Kinglykrab: Added many methods to Perl and Lua, list below:
   - SeeInvisible()
   - SeeInvisibleUndead()
   - SeeHide()
   - SeeImprovedHide()
   - GetNimbusEffect1() - returns first nimbus effect
   - GetNimbusEffect2() - returns second nimbus effect
   - GetNimbusEffect3() - returns third nimbus effect
   - IsTargetable()
   - HasShieldEquiped()
   - HasTwoHandBluntEquiped()
   - HasTwoHanderEquiped()
   - GetHerosForgeModel() - returns int32 Hero's Forge model
   - IsEliteMaterialItem() - returns uint32 Hero's Forge Model
   - GetBaseSize() - returns Mob's base size
   - HasOwner()
   - IsPet()
   - HasPet()
   - IsSilenced()
   - IsAmnesiad()
== 12/16/2015 ==
Noudess: Repaired issue with Bind Wounds on someone else.  Message was not coming out on client (hold still) and a bind wounds on someone already binding their wounds would interrupt their bind and make them stand.  Also removed some duplicate messaging.

== 12/14/2015 ==
Kinglykrab: Added IsBlind() and IsFeared() functionality to Perl and Lua.
   - Note: Both methods are Mob methods and may be used on NPCs or PCs.
Natedog: Added Discipline functions, UpdateInstanceTimer function, and UnmemSpellBySpellID to lua and perl
   -Examples: http://wiki.eqemulator.org/i?M=Pastebin&Paste=BJ0ygmNM
== 12/07/2015 ==
Uleat: Command aliases are no longer handled through the command_add() function.
   - To add a command alias, edit the database table ...... Read More
written by hateborne | 3586 Views | 40 Replies
Looking for Parses!

I am trying to gather accurate understandings of each class. Short of me spawning and gearing out EVERY class with EVERY combination of gear, I would like some help! Would prefer thoses T7-T9, but all are welcome. T10 will be slightly...'off' due to the new damage scaling.

Below is an example of what I'm looking for:
Druidxxx - 78 Druid, UCv3, Mana Necklace XI, full Old Commons gear.
DMG: 244092490 @ 1025599 sdps (1025599 dps in 238s) [100%]

Character name, level, class, relevant gear, DPS, and total fight time. Color highlighting entirely optional, i just want that specific info. :-D

written by hateborne | 1748 Views | 18 Replies
Two Minis Reopened!

The Catacombs of Dranik and the Bloodmoon Temple are both open for business again. It should be mentioned that they have changed the way they function to better accommodate EZ's playstyle (and to because I'm tired of them being exploited).

Firstly, they are no longer daily. That means one can spam run them over and over.
Secondly, the drop rate has been normalized to that of the matching tier(s). There are some areas that the minis are an improvement, some areas where it's on par. I'll leave that to you ladies/gents/trolls to figure out.
Finally, the berry reward amount has been SLIGHTLY reduced (Dranik from 10 to 8, Bloodmoon from 5 to 4) and the reward costs have gone up ~15%. Given that berries are no longer locked to daily (....for those not abusing the system), this was a logical step.

As an odd "bonus", this technically makes ANOTHER place one could farm up charms. A higher level could hammer though fairly quickly, which MAY be more beneficial than other zones.

written by hateborne | 2263 Views | 25 Replies
Botter Suspended!

Found another one. This one had a script automatically sending each character from mob to mob, looting as it went.

Reminder: THIS IS NOT OK!

I'll be preparing the queries to HEAVILY set the player back for doing this. As always, the gory details will be made public but the player(s) name will be redacted.

Print article Dec 21 2015 Donations
written by Akkadius | 804 Views | 3 Replies
Due to influx of private messages and requests, and considering I normally open things up during the Holidays, donations will be fulfilled through the end of the year and are currently open.

Double credits will be live on Thursday and Friday for Christmas Eve/Christmas

Have a Merry Christmas and safe holidays everyone.
written by Loveborne | 4225 Views | 74 Replies
Hate and myself have made you a Christmas event... however, something went very wrong in the process.

The goblins have gotten in our way, again. I am afraid there is nothing we can do to help.

Please, enjoy whatever festivities the goblins will allow!

Merry Christmas!

-Love and Hate
written by hateborne | 1177 Views | 8 Replies
New Spell File and Angry Nerds Augment Changes!

First, new spell file is available. I highly suggest everyone redownload the EZ Server Files too as a lot has changed over the last month. If you have not updated within the last week or so, please do so! I know most don't commonly update it, as there is no reason to do so. Consider this your front-page reminder. :-D

Second, Angry Nerds (AN) augments have been changed up to better fit the new augment system. The breakdown is as follows:

(Level Req / Type) AN# = Source
(69/ST) AN1 = Fighter's Guild Vendor
(69/AOE) AN2 = QVIC / CT Drop
(71/ST) AN3 = Crafted (PoD components or AN2 x 2)
(71/AOE) AN4 = Crafted (AN3 x 3)
(75/ST) AN5 = Crafted (AN4 x 4)
(75/AOE) AN6 = Crafted (AN5 x 5)

I am aware some of them still drop, I'll track them down and update this post. Additionally, the values are NOT set in stone. Before the sh**storm starts, keep in mind I can literally change them on the fly and you will only need to zone to see them "updated". Overall, AoE ranks saw a damage increase and now have "randomized" damage rolls. PLEASE keep feedback vaguely useful. Simply crying with no suggestion on fixing or improving will be ignored.

written by hateborne | 789 Views | 7 Replies
New spell file available!

Mostly fixes for T10 effects. Specifically: Orcish Brashness ACTUALLY has the HP bonus now. It is intended to be -15% healing received, +20% max HP.

written by hateborne | 497 Views | 0 Replies
Hello EZ Denizens,

Just checking in to let a lot of you know that we have not expired, quit, or otherwise 'left' EZ in any fashion. Loveborne and I have been dealing with some nonsense on the non-virtual side of things. With it finally out of the way, we're going to be back to full steam ahead later tonight or tomorrow. :-)

-Love and Hate
written by hateborne | 9576 Views | 167 Replies
Post-T10 Grocery List!

Yes, T10 is finally out and nearly bug free. It's time to dump most of the upcoming things to look at, adjust, improve, add, etc etc. I'm breaking this up into two sections. Projects are either actual large undertakings or somewhat short undertakings with HUGE gains for everyone (quality of life improvements). Classes are obviously class related changes. The class section will contain archetype like changes (i.e. pet classes, tanks, etc). Finally, not everything here is final or even going in at all. Most of it will go in, most of it will see some level of change before implementation, and most of them are genuinely here to improve the gameplay for all.

REMINDER: Sh*tposting or QQstorms without any actual argument/contribution will be outright deleted. I am expecting heated debates, I just want them to stay debates and not turn into insult wars or QQ storms...as they often do.

  • Downsize augment footprint
  •   ONE strike aug per weapon
  •   TWO augs per armor (1 HP, 1 Resist)
  • Fix/Improve Existing ‘Minis’
  • Convert the Ring of the Ages turn-in to bulk friendly.
  • Add more ranged items to all tiers!
  • Update ALL gear's loretags to uniform (Zone Type Specifics, i.e. Sunderock Armor Plate Chest or Sunderock Weapon Dagger)
  • Add global, rare spawns worth camping
  • SLS alternatives in tiered zones
  • Convert QVIC, Plane of Dragons (T1/T2), Halls of Honor, Plane of Gods, Abyss, Asylum of Anguish, Loping plains, Temple of Veeshan, and TOFS to scripted loots over from loottable
  • Convert all lowbie zones to scripted loot over loottables
  • Reduce stonewall to global max of 35-40%, reduce mob damage accordingly starting at T3.2
  • Start T11


  • Add DoT spells (AFTER bard scaling fixed in source)
  • Evaluate: Buffs, add extras?
  • Add debuff songs!

  • Possibly scale pet’s melee damage based on player’s strike rank(s)
  • Add pet “proc” for healing reduction on mobs?

  • Give them a unique aspect again (curing).
  • Add more combat bonuses
  • Change Chromastrike’s resist type and spell category.
  • Reduce recast on Exorcise En Masse
  • Add duration heals?

  • Add Mana Necklace to improve casting damage. Remove Icestrike rights.
  • Look at damage. Increase accordingly.
  • Look at epic.
  • Look at buff durations.
  • Static Shock ability? (Diablo 2)
  • Useful pets (spell damage penalty of 50% or so)

  • Create full line of Mana Burst spells (Fresh from L70 to T10)
  • Evaluate: Increase DoT damage on Breathless

  • Possibly increase their spell damage.
  • Add AoE Rain
  • Add Pet AOE Self buff (short duration)
  • Add Aspect of <Element> system to allow players to shift pet abilities. 1

  • Add “Fresh 70” Zealous Smite
  • Reduce the absurd amount of cleansing from autoattack
  • Look at ‘unique’ mitigation bonus - Blocking!
  •   Shock on block: One rank every 2 tiers. Damage each to Icestrike of previous tier.
  •   Look into blocking mechanic to find way(s) to reliably scale down damage.

  • Look at Epic.
  • Self buffs
  • Additional damage spells/procs?
  • Can Bow proc augments?

Shadow Knight:
  • Add Power Taps, DoTs, Direct Damage lines
  • Add Pet line at/past 70
  • DPS Proc/Click for Offensive Augments

  • Improve their dots? Double their damage and/or possibly add a mob debuff.
  • Increase their melee damage via self buffs.
  • Useful tank pet

  • Possibly adjust self buff line, Curious Creation, to be more ...hurtful. :*-(
  • Scale base damage to match T10? (aug based scaling)

  • Convert Pet Heals to percentage based
  • DISABLE Focus of Healing for them (Mage, Nec, Enc)
  • Evaluate: Summoner’s Pack strength.

  • Re-evalute stonewall amounts per class, stonewall on pets, and stonewall from buffs.
  • Bring maximum possible to ~35-40%

REMINDER: Sh*tposting or QQstorms without any actual argument/contribution will be outright deleted. I am expecting heated ...... Read More



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