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written by hateborne | 733 Views | 16 Replies
The Hill Giant is now mechanically spawned after X amount of numerous kills.

Effective with new instance and reboot.


EDIT: The chance for 3 essence from the HG has been removed. It's now 1 essence.
written by Akkadius | 974 Views | 22 Replies
This update will run Double Loot through to Saturday morning reboot.

  • NPC's and Corpses should no longer fall through the map nearly as often, if there are zones where this still exists, please make a post and I will take a look at them for adjustments
  • Several spell related zone crashes have been fixed (What players noticed in T5 and ToFS)
  • MGB related crashes have been fixed
  • Some rare AA crashes have been fixed
  • Some very large performance adjustments have been found and made once again
  • Implemented a new accidental item hand in system, if you hand in an item to a NPC accidently you will get it back. This does not account for cash and does not account for 1 wrong item when 2 right ones are given at the same time
  • New Spellfile has been posted for download
  • Some crashes related to twincast have been fixed
  • An issue where players would cause excessive damage to selves post update has been fixed

We will be watching hand-ins very carefully in the next week given this new system, if you find an exploit, please notify myself about it and you will be rewarded accordingly. If you are caught without making mention of it, you will be at the very least suspended, so please just make an effort to make the community a better place and not try to take advantage of things.

written by hateborne | 525 Views | 9 Replies

Love and I just got back from vacation. Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up as I received several emails and a few concerned texts thinking I jumped off the side of the map. Everything is fine, we were both enjoying time off. I didn't announce it publicly as the saying "When the cat is away, the mice will play" applies all too perfectly. Expect content development to start back up this week. Love and I will starting the first of MANY dungeons this week.

written by Akkadius | 666 Views | 9 Replies
I'm just now getting through my E-Mails from the past week for those who've been sending me PM's constantly and E-Mails asking on things.

My brother has been in the hospital so it's been keeping me away.

General rule of thumb is that if I'm not responding right away I'm probably busy, you can typically expect a response within a day or two.

written by hateborne | 475 Views | 4 Replies
Updates 08-01-14

Shadow Knight and Paladin 1H/2H augs are no longer 1H or 2H. They are usable on both weapon types and have been renamed. Paladins have Defensive (formerly 1H) and Healing (formerly 2H). Shadow Knights have Defensive (formerly 1H) and Offensive (formerly 2H).

Ultimate Weapon base items have been added to Crafter Merchant. These will appear with reboot.

Ultimate Weapon combines for Knuckles and Zweihander have been added.

<more to come>

written by Akkadius | 332 Views | 2 Replies
I wanted to wait a while to see the result of all of the tweaks before I made any additional comment regarding server stability and performance.

Bottom line (tldr) is that we're sitting absolutely fantastic in terms of server performance.

Micro hangs that were being mostly caused by disk I/O issues in a configured array were the cause for various zone issues and desyncs. After various configurations and benchmarks and tweaks we have an optimum configuration for the server resources that need to be highly available at the lowest latency possible.

I've also optimized the virtual processor configuration which should also help in the latency of actions performed by processes. In a setup such as this, every optimization has a force multiplier in which makes a huge difference overall.

I've also chopped off about 150 excess zone processes that Hunter had configured several years ago that are unnecessary. I believe he put them up because he could and he had RAM, but in reality even when most of the processes are 'sleeping' they are still chewing up processor cycles and have the potential to interrupt other threads in the need to process data in a moment where a burst of activity is occurring.

The extreme increase in disk IOPs/low latency has also freed up CPU hangs in waiting for data which has overall left the server humming at 20-30% CPU even with 400-500 players as opposed to what we were seeing which was 50-60% with 100% bursts periodically.

There has also been a change in how the server automatically brings up zone processes as they crash or reboot, I have adjusted the timers so after reboots we can prevent from seeing 'rolling crashes' which have appeared to have gone away completely.

There you ...... Read More
Print article Jul 29 2014 Server
written by Akkadius | 724 Views | 14 Replies
Hostgator had a DNS outage with their DNS partner so the website went down for a few hours today.

In the meantime I have brought the actual server down since it is probably the best time of week to do so and I am going to be making some performance adjustments and tuning which will require me to move things around.

Good news is I've identified some large issues and it's no wonder why some of the lag issues were occurring.

I will update as I have more to update with.

Edit: And we have lift-off, try it out and see if the desyncs and lag spikes have gone away. Quite a few adjustments have been made. I will post some of the detailed improvements later but for now I need to jet, have fun! Enjoy!

Print article Jul 25 2014 Donations
written by Akkadius | 518 Views | 4 Replies
Not that I am in any hurry to get these back up, due to the mass amount of requests I have turned them back up. But you must follow the directions specifically in this thread:


written by Akkadius | 954 Views | 15 Replies
If anyone notices a difference in server performance from the last time we made a server hardware move, which was last Friday. Please reply to this thread with your observations regarding the noticeable differences.

I also need to know the time of day and how many players are on during this time you are noticing issues.

Please be as descriptive as possible so I can get to the root of the issue.

EDIT: I will be making adjustments over the weekend to isolate the intermittent hangs.

written by Akkadius | 218 Views | 0 Replies
Regular scheduled reboot time.

Not sure why the new server is having issues firing off all of the sequences intermittently.

I've adjusted some things so we should be smooth sailing come 6:30 AM CST.

We will see.

written by hateborne | 613 Views | 6 Replies
Updates 07-23-14

Yes, you read that correctly and no I'm not high. Due to popular demand, I've added Ultimate Knuckles (h2h) and Ultimate Zweihander (2hs) to the list of available Ultimate Weapons. The H2H is locked to BST/MNK right now.

T9 Boss Spawn Made 'Better'
T9 has been out long enough and has been enough of a headache. I've tweaked some of the spawning and 'penalty' measures to be significantly less harsh. From a brief number crunch, I'm expecting it to chain bosses every 30-45min or so indefinitely (barring crash/huge-error).

New Necro Spell: Epidemic
Due to a very well thought out discussion with a player, he (or she?) has convinced me to allow necromancers to AoE DoT. Basically, light a target up with your sickness and cast Epidemic on it. Epidemic will DoT every target in 50 units with all of the same DoTs. This means Death + Epidemic = lol. Death 1 + Death 2 + Death 3 + Epidemic = gd it kids. It will ONLY work with 70+ DoTs. This spell can be learned from the 1-69 Intelligence NPC and is a level 69 Disease "DoT" spell (for right-click menu purposes).

Lastly, new spellfile available and the effects are already in place/live.

written by Akkadius | 287 Views | 0 Replies

There has been some issues with timed tasks firing on the new server for the reboot sequence as you already know.

Do not create 10 different threads on the same issue.

I've made some adjustments since 2012 handles tasks slightly differently a few days ago but I finally caught the root issue today (Or should have). We will see truly next morning.

Time adjustments have been made for CST so the server reboot should start the warning for reboot at 5:30, actually shutdown at 6:00, then commence backup routines and make its way for reboot around 6:15 with an unlock at 6:30.

written by hateborne | 636 Views | 9 Replies
Contacted Akkadius via phone, text, and email about server. Waiting on reply.

Server online and unlocked!

Server online and unlocked...again!

written by Akkadius | 1543 Views | 53 Replies
I will be bringing the server down at approx 3PM CST to move services over to the new hardware.

I will update when done.

She's up and a purrin!

  • Running at 16 processor cores instead of 8 which should help the simultaneous zone thread load.
  • 35GB of memory, committed quite a bit more than normal to database caching
  • The database and server are running on 4 x 120GB Samsung 840 Pros in Raid5.
  • Will finish up other things such as tieing in Character mover and such back in.

Seems a quite a bit snappier, at the software level we had things quite optimized in the last big code update so hard to notice much difference in somethings that were already tuned hardcore.

Did a test in Sanctus Seru, killed 800 NPC's simultaneously and the entire zone process finished all deaths within 1 second. The truth comes in the large population load, which I imagine we'll see with Double Loot being up until Saturday night.

Thanks again Crabthewall for your many hours taking care of the server, re-fitting it for server rack form factor. RMAing the hardware and upgrading all the firmware and sweating over the server bench for us for several dozen hours. Very much appreciated.

Thanks to Rogean for providing the rackspace that we currently use and our DC connection which provides us 2Gbps up/down internet backbone.

Thanks for patience all. Enjoy!

written by hateborne | 5282 Views | 154 Replies
What do ~YOU~ want to see in EZ?

This one is a bit different than the rest. I'm posting this for a variety of reasons. The biggest one is that I would like to see EZ return to it's former "500+" online at any time status. A time when a player could hope in to see all kinds of shenanigans flip through OOC (both good and bad...). I've been working through posting update threads and then planned update threads, but I've not played in so long that I've truly lost my bearings. My entire mindset has been changed so dramatically that I can honestly say that I am no longer a reliably voice in terms of player opinion.

With that being said, what types of things would YOU like to see in EZ? New content in terms of new tiers, more LDON (EZ version or live version) things, mini dungeons, more pvp content/events, etc etc etc. What do YOU want in EZ?

written by hateborne | 786 Views | 17 Replies
Beastlord Pets, T8 Spam/Aggro, Boss Health, and New Spellfile!

First and foremost, new spell file available but some it won't be 100% live until reboot. Nothing extreme that I can remember with the spell file. Mainly preparing for different things/items/spells.

Beastlord Pets: The pet's white damage has gone up considerably. Next, the beastlord pets can AOE RAMPAGE on occasion (~20% chance per hit). Lastly, the pet WILL enrage near death for up to 20 seconds with 90 second cooldown. THE AOE RAMPAGE AND ENRAGE ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BASED ON POTENTIAL FOR ABUSE! With all the changes over the last few months and this one, if your pet is dying, you're trying to tank with it, expect it to survive without heals, or you downright suck. :-)

T8: The "As you pass the archway, a blah blah something something" spam has been set on a cooldown to essentially trigger once per 10s instead of 1 per character. ALL ToV npcs are on generic aggro list with reboot. I did this both for consistency and because I found a group of scrubs slipping past lots of the zone via faction and group summon.

Boss Health: This change will not happen all at once, but should be LIVE with reboot. I'm increasing some of the boss health significantly due to a longstanding issue I've been having with the time taken to actually down bosses. At the low end (T1/T2), the changes will minimal (if there are changes made). At the higher end, they will be VERY significant changes. I have no hard numbers to post as I'm still working them out now.

written by hateborne | 610 Views | 3 Replies

That's right. We now have fireworks available this double loot weekend. To use them, simply do "/say fireworks" in any non-hub zone to get two random effects. Bcca in EQBC for lagtastic fun.


written by Akkadius | 2030 Views | 30 Replies
Starting the day of the grand 4th, Double Loot weekend will be enforced until Monday morning.

Start making your plans!


Side note - Looks like we'll be working on getting our new server hardware installed around July 15th and then I will announce when we'll be making the transition over to it

I am also looking at getting donations up and rolling again, so PLEASE stop asking me.
Print article Jun 30 2014 Back
written by Akkadius | 557 Views | 3 Replies
Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am on my way to finishing up being settled and starting to actually be productive with emulator related projects once again.

If you have any unanswered questions or E-Mails please feel free to shoot them my direction and I will do my best to get them answered.

Thanks Hate for being a champ and rocking it while I've been gone.

Thanks everyone else for your patience.

written by hateborne | 1632 Views | 14 Replies
Information about Necro: Death

This post is to address a variety of misunderstandings that several people have involving this spell.

Firstly, you need to know what the spell does. The spell line "Death" casts four DoTs INSTANTLY with 1 cast (Unholy Shackles, Insinuations of Mori, Kiss of Corath, and Hungering Pyre). The spell consumes health instead of mana. The spell has a VERY small chance to instantly kill the target on cast.

Second, you need to know that three (3) ranks exist right now. Since the spell essentially just casts 4 DoTs of matching rank, I need all four DoTs to have matching ranks to add more ranks. (i.e. all four spells rank I, II, III, IV, etc)

Third, you need to know how to get it. The spell is obtained by molesting the Roaming Gnome in the caster's guild. He will give you one of three tasks to earn a Blood Token. Once you have a Blood Token from the associated task, get the four dots on your spell bar matching the rank of Death you are pursuing. In example: If you have no ranks of Death, you are automatically going for rank 1, so you should line up Hungering Pyre, Insinuations of Mori, Unholy Shackles, and Kiss of Corath. If you were going for rank 2, then Hungering Pyre II, Insinuations of Mori II, etc etc. Once you have these spells on your bar, turn in the token and be ported to the empty room to sacrifice the squidbilly. This is accomplished simply by casting each of the four DoTs on the squid. Once you have done this, the sacrifice is complete and you have unlocked Death.

Fourth, what now? After you have completed the sacrifice, the spell is AUTOMATICALLY added to the first available spell slot in your spellbook. If you have downloaded the latest spell file, you can find it on the right click menu via Direct Damage -> Magic -> Death. Once you obtain all the next rank of the DoTs, you are likely high enough to pursue ...... Read More
written by hateborne | 1495 Views | 32 Replies
PVE Events to Replace Overthere PVP

Alright ladies/gents/trolls,

Here is the situation: I am having issues coming up with a variety of engaging PVE events to replace the high level PVP content. I can, but would prefer not to, simply remove the PVP bits and rewards from the zone. I would like to replace it with some engaging and fun PVE events that are a bit more challenging and less "free loot at wee hours".

Some of the ideas I'm kicking around currently are:
  • King of the Pit - Stay in the central area of the gaping area in Overthere, while avoiding the charging (and exploding) air elementals that know you into the air.
  • Greedy Hyrulian - Spawn 100 chests randomly in the zone (using ~300 spawn points). Each chest has a 50% chance to be empty, 25% chance to award 1 Rupee, 15.75% chance to award 5 Rupees, 6.25% chance to award 10 Rupees, 3% chance for 50 Rupees. First to get 300 Rupees and hail quest NPC would win. Chests would be belly-cast only to avoid easy wins by ranged.
  • Recycling - Many druid "droppings" left across zone. First one to collect X will win.
  • Scavenger Hunt - NPC will spawn a one of numerous locations in the zone and request a few random items. The items chosen will come from a sufficiently HUGE list to prevent players from stockpiling to complete the quest before it starts. Such items may include Baby Joseph Sayer, Seax, Crushbone Belts, Master Wu's Trance Stick, etc.

Does anyone else have any ideas? :-)

written by hateborne | 1134 Views | 7 Replies
Updates 6-14-14

Not all of these changes were implemented today, just listing it all in case I haven't mentioned them. New spell file also available!

  • Earring of the ____ Ages completed and re-enabled. The new item chains are much cheaper than before, but are "top-heavy" in the cost vs reward bit. Each 10th rank adds a fair jump with the 50th rank DOUBLING the effect/click from 40-49.
  • Necromancer 'Death' line available via Roaming Gnome in Caster's Guild. He will only speak to necromancers about this, so the rest of you are out of luck.
  • Kraken and Tempest Blade saw 50% increase in damage (live with reboot).
  • 3.0 Class Augment required for PoD and HoH flags now (sorry slackers :-D).

written by hateborne | 1028 Views | 7 Replies
Botting Accounts Suspended

Today, 4 bots were suspended for a week. Thousands of Fire/Water/Ice/Earth Crystals, ~1500 Dragon Ore, about two dozen Rainbow Crystals (varying), and thousands of PoD augment nonsense were all deleted from bots. Ring of the Ages and Mask of Experience were halved as well.

Go Bots Go!

written by hateborne | 1999 Views | 27 Replies
Pet Scaling In Progress

I've got the numbers roughly where I want them. I need a reboot to totally confirm. At this point, the damage will be goofy as the pets have been slowed down but the new values are not applied yet.

  • Pet attack speed was HEAVILY lowered and white damage range increased by ~60% on minimum strike damage and ~135% on maximum strike damage.
  • Pets now gain 100% more spell damage and 200% more healing per UC Rank (+100/200% for UCv1, +200/400% for UCv2, etc).
  • Pets now gain 50% of the player's resist level, in addition to it's own base resist and OWS.
  • Mana Necklace proc damage will be equivalent to Icestrike on reboot.
  • Summoner's Bags this coming week (hopefully).
  • UW cloning on pets also coming this week (pending Summoner's Bag completion).

The pet's spell damage (innate proc and Mana Necklace buff) WILL scale off of the new values. The healing value may be adjusted as I don't want the necromancer pet to become invulnerable and future healing addins for pets to be tank-makers.

The Mana Necklace adjustment will hurt for pet users but if you just spamming something to trigger pet buff, you were only using half of it anyway.

The Summoner's Bag will be an unlockable quest chain that allows players to give pets ANY weapons (including UWs) so long as the player owns it. Placing the items in the Summoner's Bag will clone the weapons (ignoring augments...) on to the pet. For those worried about the HP/Resist loss of the OWS, I'll likely create a junk item with mirrored stats to autoequip if the player has completed the Summoner's Bag quest.

I understand that for most, this will mean drop in damage as a good many of you made the Mana Necklace, cheaply spammed ...... Read More
written by hateborne | 905 Views | 5 Replies

Due to some of the manipulation of the items in ToFS, the augs are improperly slotted (i.e T7 Ninjastrike in class aug slot [type 21], T6 or below aug in T7 slot [type 22], T6 or below slot empty ([type 8]). I will run a query very late this evening to adjust the ones that players have not manually resolved.

WARNING: Any attempts to cheat the system and slot THREE strike augs in things such as Tserrina's Whip will result in all 3 augments being nuked and NOT reimbursed.

Thank You!




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