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written by hateborne | 340 Views | 13 Replies
Mini Dungeons Locked Temporarily!

Right now, due to heavy abuse and severe issues with lockouts not being upheld....all mini dungeons will be unavailable. Anyone entering a minidungeon after reboot will be logged while the minis are down. Exploiters, consider yourself warned.

We will try to get them up ASAP. T7 mini is ready, just waiting on lockout rewrite for it to go live. :-)

written by hateborne | 2142 Views | 43 Replies
Status Update!

Ok ladies/gents/trolls,

Love and I are working on hammering out the T7 mini dungeon. We will likely be grabbing people to test Sunday afternoon (~5pm EST). If you are interested in testing, LET US KNOW BY POSTING HERE. As always, small one-time rewards given for good testers that give us good feedback (clarification: good feedback = "this broke when I do this", good feedback is not brown nosing...). Realistically looking to have it ready for release by Monday.

After that, we're going to work on T10. I cannot guarantee a release before Christmas, but that's my ridiculously impossible goal that I'm setting. :-)


EDIT: Due to a sick puppy, our test time and date for today (Sunday) are pretty much shot. Those above my post below will still get the item as we failed to meet our testing window. We will try to get it resolved and testable by tomorrow around the same time for those still able. Sorry and thank you!

EDIT 2: Testing went well! Love and I will wrap up the adjustments this evening and try to have it working by late evening or tomorrow morning with reboot. :-)
written by hateborne | 2947 Views | 91 Replies
DPS Comparisons and Parses

I've been seeing a bit of OOC about caster DPS being not equal, monk DPS being too high, etc etc etc. So....let's make it public and discuss what is truly weak and what is just hearsay.

  • Use GamParse to parse 10 minute fights. Anything less is subject to high or low randoms, anything more may be too big for GamParse to handle. (Link at bottom)
  • Post a basic oversight of the DPS (GamParse can do this automagically).
  • Pet DPS can be visually separated from pet owners, but pet class DPS is the sum of the pet melee & procs + caster spells and procs.
  • Post relevant gear/buff info (Ultimate Charm rank, special gear/items/halloween-pets, all equipped aug ranks, and all buffs going).

Once we have enough information, any glaring deficiencies or explosive gains will be addressed in a VERY open and VERY logical fashion. (No knee-jerk-nerfbats!)


GamParse ( https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzdPtSifsCeQYkxOTWdjLTYwYnM/view?usp=sharing )
written by Loveborne | 588 Views | 3 Replies
11/14/14 Updates

  • Coral bosses should stop spawning under ground in the T5 mini dungeon.
  • Timeless Vampiric Thunder I & II will now mass group buff properly.
  • All ports to Stonehive should now be consistently arriving at one location.

Lastly: Chilled Devil caster proc should be working with reboot.

written by Akkadius | 6925 Views | 259 Replies
Welcome all Goblins, Witches, Zombies, Ghosts and whoever you are!

Today we celebrate Halloween 2014, the first year without Hunter and we're going to try and live it up and make him smile.

We have an initial launch of events and we plan to do more events throughout the Week.

"Firstly, new spell file available.

With this year, we are trying something slightly different. We are making use of a neat zone, courtesy of Akkadius and an unnamed conspirator. The bosses will be in this zone only, barring shenanigans. With 6am reboot, the zone will go live and will be reachable via Mr.Halloween in Nexus and Stone Hive.

As for the rest, that's up to you ladies/gents/trolls to figure out.  Cool

-Love and Hate
(Probably Akkadius too, but we can't sign for him...that's forgery)"


Read More
written by Akkadius | 732 Views | 5 Replies
The EZ Server Magelo is now operational again.

The response times are not favorable in my performance eye, but it has everything to do with the hosting and its remote connection to the actual EZ server database itself. Either way it should be most definitely usable.

Either way, it works fine for people looking to view it for their needs.

I may look at changing our hosting situation in the future or having some web-services hosted locally with the other servers but it is not something that I wanted to do as I wanted the web services hosted away from the server for obvious reasons. I will be changing the Magelo hosting situation for sure, I will update when I know more. You can currently create signatures but I would not recommend using them currently until I get things changed up.

For those wondering, I've been very busy with week days and working on house construction on the weekends but my schedule should be freeing up and I will be back for making some things happen with EZ.

written by hateborne | 639 Views | 1 Reply
This is a reminder that all items destroyed/lost/traded accidentally are on YOU to re-earn.

If the server eats it through bad turn-in check and/or poorly written quest bits, that is my fault and I will fix it. If you lose the item, you are responsible for it.

With Halloween coming up and the recent spike of people handing in items in error to wrong NPCs (sometimes, in disgustingly unforgivable situations) or pets, or fast destroying items: You destroy it, your loss.

This sounds like a harsh stance but Akkadius, Loveborne, and I are here to provide a free, fun play experience. We are not here to babysit, hand hold, and undo accidents.


Previous posts about this:
Rules - http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=8.0
Original Post - http://ezserveronline.com/forums/index.php?topic=4231.0
written by hateborne | 567 Views | 0 Replies
New spell file available!

This primarily addresses some of the coming halloween effects, more spell particles set to invisible, and spell naming fix.

EDIT: Oh and Ultimate Augments IV effects!

written by hateborne | 782 Views | 3 Replies
Based on a suggestion from Fliker, added 2 teleporters and 2 landing pads. In the main room of Stone Hive, the left stone ring will port you up. In the queen's room, the right stone right will port you back down. Enjoy!

written by hateborne | 1488 Views | 11 Replies
Pets, Summoner's Bag, and Scaling

I am posting this as there has been some confusion regarding the bag, pets, and pet scaling. Hopefully this will address some of these concerns and questions.

First, pets were made to scale a few months ago. The pets, on spawn, will gain 50% of the owner's resist (resist for resist basis) in addition to it's own innate resist values.
Second, pets gain 100% spell damage bonus and 200% healing bonus multiplied by the UC rank. (i.e. UC1 = +100% spell dmg and +200% healing, UC2 = +200% spell damage and +400% healing, etc). This increases their proc/cast damage, as well as any lifetaps, fairly quickly.
Third, if the pet class is a beastlord and has an Earring of the Brutal Ages, the pet gains the same damage bonus as the beastlord.

Those take place 'automagically' with no intervention required, short of summoning the pet. Now, if the player has the Summoner's Pack, the pet's damage bonus gains an additional 20% (multiplicative) spell damage bonus and 50% (multiplicative) healing bonus. This would raise a UCv3 pet spell damage bonus from 300 to 360, with the healing bonus from 600 to 720. In addition, any weapons in the Summoner's Pack add directly to the pet's melee damage. If the player has a UW, placing it in the pack will duplicate it on the pet when the pet is summoned. This means, YES, the pet can dual wield UW and another 1h. This also means the pets WILL proc the UW shenanigans too. :-)

I hope this explains it clearly enough and shows the value in the pet classes with all of the tools available.

written by hateborne | 2529 Views | 46 Replies
T5 Daily Dungeon Live & Summoner's Bag FINALLY Live!

The Abyss (T5) daily dungeon is now accepting genocidal applicants. Those applying should possess a strong aptitude for hurting sea-dwelling creatures, humanoids, and plant life.

Benefits include: Higher essence/weapon drop rates, charm prism drops, buzzing berries, and a 401k.

Apply now in person with our Miner representative in Nexus, Caster's Guild, Fighter's Guild, and Stone Hive.

The Summoner's Bag has finally been completed. I have tested it briefly, but I have not run it through numerous times. It starts in the Caster's Guild with everyone's favorite gnome. It's intended to be an end game reward and will appropriately reward a pet owner for their time.

EDIT: First wave of Ultimate Augments are located on Hive Queen in Stone Hive.
EDIT: T9 crafting component made 25-50% more common (new instance or reboot).
EDIT: The tiered dungeons will be DAILY dungeons. That includes this one.
EDIT: Tsukasa (in Nexus) will now given armor for ONE armor card, down from four.

written by Akkadius | 728 Views | 0 Replies
Hey gang, been very busy with some behind the scenes things.

Here's the plan for the weekend.

I need to land another code update that should fix quite a few issues in the current build that some people may or may not have noticed.

I have turned off donations again, BUT, I will be announce some details to donate under another account JUST for the weekend and then I will be NOT be doing them for over a month. Because of this I will do DOUBLE EZ credits for JUST this weekend, for the NEW temporary instructions, refer to the donation thread:


With that being said, traditionally when we do updates there can be problems, I think it should go smooth but I will also do DOUBLE LOOT because I want to stress test the heck out of the server this weekend. So hopefully we can get some jacked player numbers for my studies.


Changelog 9/26/2014

  • Disciplines were getting loaded in the wrong order, this issue has been corrected
  • Tribute loading/saving now works correctly
  • Fixed an issue where new characters were not starting with items
  • Fixed an issue where new characters and existing characters would see abnormal spells loaded in the spell bar
  • Fixed some saving issues with AA's
  • Scenarios when characters would log back into an expired instance should send them back to the correct bind point/zone
  • Character armor dye should now save properly once again
  • Fixed an issue with no rent items
written by hateborne | 902 Views | 3 Replies
Status Update on Stuff...and things...

Just wanted to let everyone know that Loveborne and I are still here. It's been exceedingly busy at work for me and in our personal lives as well. We have not left/vanished/quit/abandoned EZ. We've just had crap get in our way.

Going to get UW augs (purchasing & combining), more currency rewards, and inconsistencies in the dungeons resolved by this weekend.

Hopefully by month's end, we should have the T5 mini-dungeon running. I'll relay more details on how/what it does as it approaches release.

Print article Sep 22 2014 Donations
written by Akkadius | 722 Views | 2 Replies
Once again, donations are on a freeze until further notice.

There is nothing more that I can tell you other than that. I'll work to get them back before holidays.

written by hateborne | 986 Views | 7 Replies

5 million Gmail passwords have been leaked to the public. This covers a fairly large number of people, so for your own safety and account safety, PLEASE CONSIDER CHANGING YOUR PASSWORD.


Check For Your Email: https://isleaked.com/en.php

written by Akkadius | 1698 Views | 23 Replies
First, sorry I've been away I've been very busy with work and have also been working on a very large conversion for EQEmu.

In this code update I've enabled Double Loot for Sunday in case we run into any difficulties, there is something to offset possible frustrations of regular maintenance.

In this code update we shall see some very nice performance improvements.

The update overall has rewritten and changed how all of the character data is loaded and saved, so if you notice any oddities please report them in this thread.

I'm not aware of the difficulties Hate was running into for dungeons so I haven't changed anything for that.

EDIT: Double Loot is LIVE for Monday!

Fixed some guild issues as well as a few other issues so enjoy DL while it lasts!

written by hateborne | 3077 Views | 34 Replies

Due to a small hang up with the first dungeon, Love and I were delayed. Everything has been tested and confirmed working minus very last boss of dungeon 3. Once we resolve that (tomorrow, early afternoon), I can set the new Miner script in place and it will be open to all. I'm 2.5h past bed time, and I've got a 10h tomorrow.

The alternate currency is not working 100% yet, but should be with reboot.

At this point, waiting on Akkadius to save me from my lack of understanding. Once he resolves the bit involving the chained instances, they will be live. :-(

written by Loveborne | 1629 Views | 12 Replies
New dungeons and hub city update!

Hate and I have been working hard to get this new content out for you guys. We are finishing up the final touches to the dungeons and the new hub city. Tomorrow evening we will grab a few groups for testing, and then they will finally be ready for release. Keep an eye out for us around 9pm est. We hope that you will enjoy what we have come up with!

Everything will be live and open to the public at 12:01am est. on 9/6/14.


I'm sneaking my dev box up every time I can to continue fine tuning/polishing stats/code/etc. :-)

Gogo tonight!

written by hateborne | 2567 Views | 26 Replies
Miscellaneous Updates

  • Overthere's UW detection has been rewritten. People smuggling UWs in will be publicly humiliated, killed (in game...), and logged. This will not occur immediately on zone in (as it will still boot you out immediately at zone in).
  • ALL ROOT SPELLS now have bard song type with 18s duration.
  • Pets will now instantly die if sent after a mob too far away (or chained from mob to mob). People attempting to pull things at great distances (and through walls) will find things very depressing with reboot. The distance is sufficiently huge, so don't panic. It will, however, kick people in the face trying to do things like Tserrina pull from zone in.
  • Call of the Lifeless, Wicked Apparition, and Avatar of Undeath had their spell damage bonuses doubled. (Live with reboot)

Status Updates

The first trio of dungeons are almost done. We are aiming for next Friday (9/6/14) to be the release date. I will try to snag some people to test them out during the week. It may take a bit of re-running, but I will make it worth your time and effort.

Next, the Ultimate Augs are almost done. I will be releasing them with the dungeons and the next note.

Finally, a new city hub is going to be built. It is optional, but will serve as another Nexus or QRG. It will act as a both a duplicated "hub", but also handle the new currencies (as they are added/needed). The first dungeon will reveal the first alternate currency used for EZ.

written by hateborne | 1923 Views | 16 Replies
The Hill Giant is now mechanically spawned after X amount of numerous kills.

Effective with new instance and reboot.


EDIT: The chance for 3 essence from the HG has been removed. It's now 1 essence.
written by Akkadius | 1826 Views | 22 Replies
This update will run Double Loot through to Saturday morning reboot.

  • NPC's and Corpses should no longer fall through the map nearly as often, if there are zones where this still exists, please make a post and I will take a look at them for adjustments
  • Several spell related zone crashes have been fixed (What players noticed in T5 and ToFS)
  • MGB related crashes have been fixed
  • Some rare AA crashes have been fixed
  • Some very large performance adjustments have been found and made once again
  • Implemented a new accidental item hand in system, if you hand in an item to a NPC accidently you will get it back. This does not account for cash and does not account for 1 wrong item when 2 right ones are given at the same time
  • New Spellfile has been posted for download
  • Some crashes related to twincast have been fixed
  • An issue where players would cause excessive damage to selves post update has been fixed

We will be watching hand-ins very carefully in the next week given this new system, if you find an exploit, please notify myself about it and you will be rewarded accordingly. If you are caught without making mention of it, you will be at the very least suspended, so please just make an effort to make the community a better place and not try to take advantage of things.

written by hateborne | 1177 Views | 9 Replies

Love and I just got back from vacation. Just wanted to give everyone a heads-up as I received several emails and a few concerned texts thinking I jumped off the side of the map. Everything is fine, we were both enjoying time off. I didn't announce it publicly as the saying "When the cat is away, the mice will play" applies all too perfectly. Expect content development to start back up this week. Love and I will starting the first of MANY dungeons this week.

written by Akkadius | 1314 Views | 9 Replies
I'm just now getting through my E-Mails from the past week for those who've been sending me PM's constantly and E-Mails asking on things.

My brother has been in the hospital so it's been keeping me away.

General rule of thumb is that if I'm not responding right away I'm probably busy, you can typically expect a response within a day or two.

written by hateborne | 2123 Views | 4 Replies
Updates 08-01-14

Shadow Knight and Paladin 1H/2H augs are no longer 1H or 2H. They are usable on both weapon types and have been renamed. Paladins have Defensive (formerly 1H) and Healing (formerly 2H). Shadow Knights have Defensive (formerly 1H) and Offensive (formerly 2H).

Ultimate Weapon base items have been added to Crafter Merchant. These will appear with reboot.

Ultimate Weapon combines for Knuckles and Zweihander have been added.

<more to come>

written by Akkadius | 951 Views | 2 Replies
I wanted to wait a while to see the result of all of the tweaks before I made any additional comment regarding server stability and performance.

Bottom line (tldr) is that we're sitting absolutely fantastic in terms of server performance.

Micro hangs that were being mostly caused by disk I/O issues in a configured array were the cause for various zone issues and desyncs. After various configurations and benchmarks and tweaks we have an optimum configuration for the server resources that need to be highly available at the lowest latency possible.

I've also optimized the virtual processor configuration which should also help in the latency of actions performed by processes. In a setup such as this, every optimization has a force multiplier in which makes a huge difference overall.

I've also chopped off about 150 excess zone processes that Hunter had configured several years ago that are unnecessary. I believe he put them up because he could and he had RAM, but in reality even when most of the processes are 'sleeping' they are still chewing up processor cycles and have the potential to interrupt other threads in the need to process data in a moment where a burst of activity is occurring.

The extreme increase in disk IOPs/low latency has also freed up CPU hangs in waiting for data which has overall left the server humming at 20-30% CPU even with 400-500 players as opposed to what we were seeing which was 50-60% with 100% bursts periodically.

There has also been a change in how the server automatically brings up zone processes as they crash or reboot, I have adjusted the timers so after reboots we can prevent from seeing 'rolling crashes' which have appeared to have gone away completely.

There you ...... Read More



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